IMOURAN  ( The seven waves of Imouran)

Moroccan TV Channel 1 RTM presented its first Tamazight film in 50 years yesterday. Imouran, named for a region of Agadir, is a circular love story, presented in a sophisticated (de-arabized) Tamazight based on Tashelhit, the variety spoken in this High Atlas region. In one scene, the hero of the story writes a letter to his beloved, and a close-up shows he is using Tifinagh, an Amazigh (Berber) alphabet, preserved principally by the Tuareg.

The hero, as a child, finds a baby girl abandoned next to a rock near the beach. He names her Tafukt (sun), and as they grow up, he falls in love with her. However, he is poor and without work, so he leaves to make his living as a fisherman. While he is away, Tafukt becomes engaged with a wealthy man of the village. Our hero returns to find his lady love promised to another man. Hurt and angry, he reminds her of their love. She responds, "Let's forget the past."

In time, she becomes pregnant, and hopes for a boy because she sees life much harder for women. But destiny gives her a girl. Meanwhile, her husband suffers financial drawbacks and is left penniless, while her former love becomes a very wealthy man. She decides to win him back, and pleads, "Let's forget the past," to which he responds, "I have."

Tafukt plunges into the sea of death to escape her mistakes forever, leaving her baby daughter next to a rock on the beach.

"Imouran" was shown Friday, 30 November 2001.


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