S tmazight In english (translation)
Argan Argan tree
1-izmzugh rebbi tagant ura sawalent.   1-God rendered the forest voiceless; she does not speak.
2-ghassa ghas hwlen medden tsawl tenna yagh.   2-Today that people destroy her, she spoke by saying to us.
3-Iga wargan azdar, iga wargan ssbir yili gh irafan 3-The arganier is strong, he is patient, living in thirst.
4-mid d uzrig ay ad izzri rebbi fellas.   4- He has undergone much dryness.
5-Is ukan tiwit lear kiyyin aya caqqr.   5- Oh! The axe, you are unworthy.
6-imma yargan igh ibbi nefl mat ittarin.   6- The same brought down the arganier as its heirs.
7-azzl xasm ssir ayalig a txasmn ilumas.   7-there the bark of the arganier defends your terrority so that the kernel defends it.
8-ixasmt u fraw x tighitn lli sis iqln.   8- Just as the leaves will defend it against she-goats.
9-afrig argan igh ibbi n sutrt i wayyd.   9-The hedges of the arganier, even if cut, serve to protect other trees.
10-inna wargan i terga fek aman i wasif.   10-The arganier ordered the canal to supply water to the river.
11-ara may ghnan, ad agh issu gh irafan.   11- Oh! The one who has pity of me, spray me against the scorching heat.
12-imma ghil gh nxelf ad agh sul ur issu yan.  12- Now that my branches grow nobody waters me.
13-lkst ar Sus ar iggi n Sus ar ihhn. 13- From the Atlas mountain crossing Souss just to the region of haha.
  14-uhuy argan i tubbuyt nera t i ttarix.   14- We at the slaughter of the arganier, it set us in history.
 15-ad sis nsekr i wid a ten ur ittfn icc.   15-To make me proud in front of those that will not possess it.
16-iga wargan addag irwan gh tassasin .   16-The trunk of the arganier is comforting against the sufferings.
17-lligh irmi ssibab is yusi takatin.   17- When it has nothing to eat, , it sustains families
18-ghassa gh iefa rebbi drn fellas icuqqar.   18- Today that life is prosperous, it is threatened by axes
19-nettu yajmil i bab nes nettu yas lxir.   19- We are ingrates toward it that has rendered us service.
  20-argan igh yad ibbi da tluhn tayyawin.   20- The arganier, even fallen, lets its grains grow again.
21-icuqqar wanna yudn gh imi s sers n lh. 21- The axes used to for the felling are flung.
22-inna wargan i terga fek aman i wasif 22- The arganier ordered the canal to supply water to the river.
23-ixlq agh rebbi gh lbr nemyar irafan.   23-We are issue of dry lands; we are used to thirst.
24-nemyar afrad kra gingh iqqurn ffressin.   24- We are use to it, that our dry branches become cracked.
25-nemyar inkan kra gigh iffrssin ikmd.   25- We are use to it, that my crushed morsels will scorch
26-asmhuzzu asmdudi ttayri qquren.   26- Shaking! Trembling! With pure love.
27-as kn zzrmh ura ar nterzz tiliwa nek.   27- What do I use to pick you up without tearing your leaves.
28-asmhuzzu asmdudi s sin ifassen.   28- Shaking! Trembling! With two hands.
29-asnhnnc addag da gigh itxasamn.   29- That I embrace the trunk that defends me.
30-imik n usxn d ubazin aygh ur ingh.   30- Energetic, one contents himself with a part less measured by its oil.
31-addag ay amazigh gigan ayk n ssutr.   31-Oh! The Amazigh trunk has reserved many things.
32-mayad izrin igh rad awigh tirra nek.   32- By wanting to speak about its history.
33-ttaragh yit ura nhuddu tamkurart.   33- By even writing today, we cannot embrace everything. Its courage.
34-ura lmzyt n waddag illan s lfil.   34- Nor the privilege of the trunk in action.
35-inna iyi baba, f babas inna yasen.   35- My father told me that his father told him.
36-sin a ssar k ur iknd lxlq ntelnk.   36- No one must deprive you of two things.
37-tafukt aywi ha iyi ar kwen tssugh.   37-The sun, it watches me, my son, I advise you.
38-a ssar ak gis ur ibid lxlq nteln ak.   38- No one must hide it from you.
39-wissin argan  a tgablt asghar nes.   39-The second, the arganier! View its branches.
40-d iwtta n wakal gabl tighula nek.   40- Just like the borders of the land, watch over your fields.
41-acku lsl ad agh ten ed ifln gh ifassen.   41- Because we have inherited them from an authentic origin..
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