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As n'negh in the Tamazight language means "our day," the day which corresponds with the annual anniversary of Libyan Tamazight (Berber). It is the day when Libyan Tamazight speakers and human rights activists celebrate. On the 15th of April every year, Imazighen in Libya and outside are celebrating. The Celebration of this event started in 1995 (2945 Tamazight calendar) inside Libya, in the coastal Libyan Tamazight-speaking city of Zawra. As symbol of challenge and determination to survive and resist all sorts of liquidation that Tamazight has suffered through its long deep history, especially in Libya today.

The celebration of As n'negh inside Libya is conducted in a close atmosphere, far from the regimes' security services' observation. The recent Libyan regime does not recognize the existence of Tamazight and has tried for more than thirty years to abolish its de facto and historical existence. The current regime is practicing all kinds of violations, permanence of oppression, and denial. All sorts of Tamazight activities are subject to oppression and denial, including cultural activities. Even Tamazight names for Imazighen children is prohibited and forbidden.

The Libyan Tamazight speakers, like their Libyan brothers and sisters, are subjected to all kinds of oppression; their rights are severely abused and violated by the current dictator and despotic regime. Libyan Tamazight speakers, activists, and militants, like their other Libyan brother activists and militants, are pursued and prosecuted to the point where their lives and that of their family and friends are in serious danger. Despite this, the struggle will continue until our existence is completely recognized and full rights both as Libyans and as Tamazight speakers is reached.

Tamazight today is an important and undeniable component of our society in Libya and in all Tamazgha (North Africa). Libyan Imazighen are humans worthy of full rights, including the right to define and assert their own identity. They also have the right to reject its prejudicial cancellation by whomever denies their identity, including tyrants who have achieved nothing but prolong their own tyranny against their very citizens.

As n'negh occurs in April, and April is very special month in the Libyan's and Tamazight-speaker's memory. The 7th of April is Libyan Sacrificing Day in its recent history, and on the 20th of April, there is the celebration of the anniversary of Tafsout N Imazighen (Berber Spring). The struggle for freedom, social justice, and the admission and respect of human rights will continue.


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