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The Lost Treasure of King Juba
In 1982, an amateur treasure hunter, Russell E. Burrows, found a remote cave near his hometown of Olney in southern Illinois. After advancing through a 500-foot-long tunnel lined with oil lamps, he discovered several chambers filled with ancient weapons, gold sarcophagi, jewels, and stone tablets depicting Roman soldiers, ...... Full story - - Auteur: Frank Joseph - Date : 2019-11-27 20:44:00

The Amazigh tattoos
Particularly in the Tamazgha, the traditional motifs of the Amazigh tattoos are made almost exclusively of geometric shapes: simple lines, dots, triangles, diamonds, square circles .. etc ... Full story - - Auteur: Mazices - Date : 2018-04-25 08:21:00

Stone tablet with Tifinagh inscription in the National Library of Naples, Italy
Stone tablet with Amazigh (Berber) Tifinagh inscription, dates back to 1st millennium BC; considered the most ancient written text - from Aosta collection of the National Library of Naples, Italy.... Full story - - Auteur: Amazighworld - Date : 2018-04-25 08:18:00

The conquest of Spain by the Amazigh
We don't know where the Imazighen come from ? because there were always there, all the invaders found them there. The people who invited Spain were Berbers or Imazighen. ┬áThe young Amazigh Tarik ben Ziyad lead 7000 men in an invasion of Liberian peninsula. Documentary on Amazigh in Spain... Full story - - Auteur: Amazighwolrd - Date : 2013-06-04 23:33:00