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XXXX° Amazigh Spring

This year 2970-2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Tafsut Imazighen, the Amazigh Spring. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all festivities planned to commemorate this historic event are cancelled and replaced by virtual activities.

The CMA welcomes and encourages all Amazighs in the different countries of Tamazgha (North Africa and Sahara) and the diaspora to continue to keep alive this page of our collective memory, symbol of resistance and struggle against identity denial, racism and discrimination, spoliation of rights and injustices imposed on Amazighs by governments subservient to imported Arabo-nationalist and Islamist ideologies.

The CMA calls on Amazigh organizations to declare 20 April, "International Day of Resistance and Freedom of the Amazighs".

As every year, we owe it to ourselves to have a fraternal thought towards those who suffer unjustly especially in prisons, such as At-Mzab in Algeria and the Rifains in Morocco. The CMA once again demands their immediate release. In Libya, while the United Nations has declared a truce at least during this period of covid-19 pandemic, General Haftar's planes continue to drop their bombs on the Amazigh localities of Adrar Nefussa, as was the case on 13 April 2020 in Jadu. The CMA once again urges the international community to take urgent and effective measures to ensure the protection of the Amazighs of Libya.

More than ever the Amazighs have no alternative but to persevere in the struggle to protect their existence and their legitimate rights and freedoms. In Algeria, Morocco, the Kel-Tamasheq country and other territories, the Amazighs are called upon to face the challenge of preserving their lands and territories in accordance with international law. Regardless of the dominant political systems, there is no longer any question of the Amazighs continuing to be dispossessed by predatory forces and suffering contempt and repression. There is an urgent need for the Amazighs to regain control of their destiny and to counter the policies that threaten their existence as a people with his history, land, language and culture.

The CMA considers the self-organisation set up in recent months by the younger generations in the Amazigh territories to confront covid-19 is the path to hope. It is inspired by the ancestral Amazigh structures based on consultation, consensus and doing it together to serve the common interest and face dangers and threats.

The CMA will continue to work towards strengthening the rights and capacities of the Amazigh living forces and recalls that it stands alongside Amazigh citizens and movements for the realization of our ideals of freedom and sovereignty.

The actors of Tafsut Imazighen-the Amazigh Spring in 1980 and those of Tafsut Taverkant-the Black Spring in 2001 paved the way for justice, dignity and freedom, let us pay tribute to them by continuing the struggle with determination.

Paris, 6/04/2970 – 18/04/2020

The Board of CMA

Auteur: CMA
Date : 2020-04-22 00:08:00

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