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Amazigh World Conference in Tenth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, New York, May 16-27, 2011
Our participation this year at this session holds a special significance because our people, the Amazigh people, indigenous people from North Africa, whom we call Tamazgha, are undergoing at this time a crucial period in our existence. As a result of colonization, our country has been divided into 10 States, and they all have the same policies toward the Amazighs: negation, concealment, marginalization and repression. For a few months now, some of these countries, such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya, have been witnessing popular uprisings against the antidemocratic systems that have ravaged these countries for decades and against which the Amazigh people have ... Full story - - Auteur: CMA - Date : 2011-05-22 23:25:00

Amazigh World Congress for Military General Commander of south Libya region, the Touareg Ali Kenna to join the Libyan rebilion
General Ali Kenna,

While meny soldiers of all ranks in the Libyan army, have already joined the popular resistance against Kadhafi’s criminal regime, we do not know, your position. Late, rumours run emphatically on the fact that you would have engaged your troops beside those of the Kadhafi’s army. At the moment, we give no credit to these rumours that accuse you, but to them, we ask you insistently to declare publicly that you are towards the free Libyan Forces.
... Full story - - Auteur: CMA - Date : 2011-05-16 22:21:00

Amazigh people in the Durban International Conference II
The speech of the President of the Amazigh World Congress in the General assemble of the International Conference against Racism Durban II. It states that "the Amazigh people of North Africa continue to suffer from racism just because we are Amazigh people. Here in Geneva we heard the speeches of governments who govern our country in North Africa reporter that no racism in their countries and they give lessons in tolerance and human rights, but unfortunately we are here to testify about our prisoners in Morocco .. »see the speech...... Full story - - Auteur: CMA - Date : 2011-03-09 18:25:00

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