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Amazigh people in the Durban International Conference II
The speech of the President of the Amazigh World Congress in the General assemble of the International Conference against Racism Durban II. It states that "the Amazigh people of North Africa continue to suffer from racism just because we are Amazigh people. Here in Geneva we heard the speeches of governments who govern our country in North Africa reporter that no racism in their countries and they give lessons in tolerance and human rights, but unfortunately we are here to testify about our prisoners in Morocco .. »see the speech...... Full story - - Auteur: CMA - Date : 2011-03-09 18:25:00

Statement about the protest in front of the Libyan Consulate in Rabat

Following the arbitrary and unlawful banning of the protest (sit-in) announced to be held on Thursday, January 6, 2011 in front of Libyan embassy in Rabat by the International Congress of Amazigh Youth in solidarity with Bouzakhar brothers detained by the Libyan apartheid regime. In presence of and coordination with supporting associations and activists in a meeting held in the headquarters of the Amazighe Network for Citizenship in Rabat, the International Congress of Amazigh Youth announces the following to national and international public opinion.
... Full story - Date : 2011-01-10 13:59:00

Berber Exploitation - Morocco
For centuries the Berbers of Morocco have been persecuted by their Arab masters. Today even their festivals have been hijacked. Miriam is fighting to keep her language and culture, whilst fellow militant Zaid claims the Arabs have 'stolen our history.' Etched out of a beautiful, yet inhospitable and rugged land, stands Imichil, where the annual marriage market or Moussem des Fiances takes Place. It's here that the Arab government has turned an exclusive Berber celebration into a tourist fest.... Full story - - Auteur: Meryem Demnati - Date : 2010-12-06 23:29:00

Anti-Semitic Protests in Morocco a Warning Sign
Noam Nir, an Israeli businessman who lives and owns a property in Morocco, was shocked when he found out that the building he owns in the city of Mogador became the focus of an anti-Semitic demonstration. Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Nir expressed a serious concern that such demonstrations, that were not commonplace in Morocco until recently and have suddenly begun to appear on its streets, would lead to imminent harm anhd endanger the lives of the Jewish community in Morocco.... Full story - - Auteur: IsraelNationalNews - Date : 2010-08-08 21:13:00

Rabat : Amazigh demonstarte in Meknes
The Amazigh Cultural Movement has demonstrate in first May 2010 in the streets of the city of Amknes (Meknes), demanding official recognition of Amazigh identity and cultural rights and the officialization of the Amazigh language in the Moroccan Constitution. See demonstration in pictures ...
... Full story - - Auteur: MCA - Date : 2010-05-24 23:36:00

Amazigh movement in Morocco: Creating a national preparatory committee for a political structure
The Amazigh militants held a meeting in Marrakech on 12 September2009 during which they  discussed  topics related to the future of  the political, economic, social and cultural situation in Morocco.   This discussion resulted   from a series of meetings that have been taking place in different parts of Morocco since March 2008.The participants also discussed possible political alternatives necessary to overcome problems related to the present situation. The discussion resulted in:... Full story - - Auteur: Akabar Asertan - Date : 2009-09-24 22:58:00

Human Rights Watch : Letter to Morocco Interior Minister Benmoussa on the Refusal of Amazigh Names
We are writing this initially private letter to you in the hope that you will respond in writing to the concerns we raise, so that we may reflect your answers when we make this letter public. If you signal to us by June 26, 2009 your intention to respond to this letter, we will await for your response before publishing it, provided it reaches us by July 12, 2009. Human Rights Watch is aware that Morocco has taken steps to recognize and promote the culture and heritage of its Amazigh (Berber) population, notably in creating the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture in Rabat in 2001.... Full story - - Auteur: Human Rights Watch - Date : 2009-09-04 17:45:00

The earth does not belongs to human beings; human beings belong to the earth
All of humanity must work together to re-establish harmony and unity with the natural environment by implementing the Kyoto Protocol and creating a global governance system that respected and supported vegetable, mineral, animal, human and cosmic life, Nicolas Lucas Ticum, a Maya priest from Guatemala and a researcher on the Calendario Maya, told the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today, as it continued its eighth session.... Full story - - Auteur: Latifa Douch - Date : 2009-08-25 23:38:00

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