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Canary island : “What we need now are creative solutions for the remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories”

Special Committe on Decolonization, Mr. Diego Morejón Pazmino, Chairperson, Mr. Pedro Nunez Mosquera, Mr. Bashar Ja'afari and Mr. Shekou M. Toura, Vice-Chairpersons: Canary Islands False Autonomous Status (see specially the minute one in the video: the spanish police take a video of the demonstration)

The apropiate status is a Territorie to which the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples continues to apply (as of 1978)

In 1334 Pope Clemente VI granted The Canary Islands to the Castilian King Luis de España y Cerda. The crown of Castile showed growing interest in these islands for atlantic bases to support expeditions for native American genocide, and them it started the invasion of the bigger islands.

The Castilian invasion and occupation was very hard, because resistance to Spanish colonialism was particulary strong by the Guanches, a tall, burly, brave, warlike and intelligent people that populated the Canary Islands, were very well organized, and don’t finish until 1496 ( 162 years later).

The Christianization, hispanization and colonization soon caused the original language and culture to destroy. Life was not easy due to severe droughts, and attacks from spanish, portuguese, french, english, dutch, and other pirates.

After the Spanish civil war (1936-1939) the underdevelopment of the islands was notable.

The geostrategic importance of the Canary Islands has been reevaluated since 1975 in light of tripartite agreement on Sahara, the hispano-maroccan treaties, and the entry of Spain into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), through a Referendum celebrated in march 1986 (26th anniversary this year 2012) in wich the Canary Islands residents voted against (false autonomy).

Among the inhabitants of the islands, these issues, wich were debated even in the Organization for African Union, have stimulated nationalistic sentiment against Spanish colonialism and support for an anticolonialism approach.

In 1982 the Canary Islands obtained a false autonomous status within Spain (Remember, please, the NATO Referendum in march, 12th, 1986), to deceive the Organization of the United Nations (ONU), and maintain the Spanish military and missionery presence in the region. It’s Spain who offer the most complicated instructive case study in past atrophy and future ambitious. Spanish colonialism control the Canary Islands through military occupation (please, see the linked) and monopoly of the education system, economy, press, radio, and TV.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that 2010 would be an important year for the Special Committee on Decolonization because it marked both the end of the Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism and the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. “What we need now are creative solutions for the remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories”, said Ban Ki Moon.Thank you very much for your attention and interest.

Movimiento por la Unidad del Pueblo Canario

Auteur: Movimiento por la Unidad del Pueblo Canario
Date : 2012-05-06 23:20:00

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Leila dit :Chaque eatre humain doit de9fendre les ineetrts de chaque eatre humain et de surcrois s\'il est musulman. Je ne vois pas of9 est l\'interet d  
Leila dit :Chaque eatre humain doit de9fendre les ineetrts de chaque eatre humain et de surcrois s\'il est musulman. Je ne vois pas of9 est l\'interet de cette inde9pendance si ce n\'est d\'affaiblir encore plus cette zone de9ja tre9s faible. L\'afrique n\'a pas besoin de ce surplus de division; Elle doit eatre unie et soude9e; C\'est qu\'e0 cette condition qu\'elle reussira e0 ce sortir de la mise9re ou elle se trouve. Ce n\'est pas les ide9ologies qui font avancer mais l\'union et le combat pour les droits de l\'homme peut importe sont ethnie ou sa couleur. Imagines e0 quoi ressemblerai la france si les bretons, les normands , les basques avait leur inde9pendance? Ils ne sont pas beate ils ne la demanderont pas car ces re9gions seraient vulne9rables. Mais les africains eux continuent incessament les guerres de tribues et j\'ai honte que certain rifains les encouragent a baigner dans le sang une fois de plus.  
Par: Yunjeong

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Nationalism and Cnarian Nation
I have the impression that many of the people that ultimately are writing in this independent newspaper that so much is doing for Canary Islands and their sovereignty mainly do not have the things clear with respect to our country and to our future Nation.  One must keep in mind that the Nation is a common project of an ethnic group oriented towards a free future as we are we.  In Canary Islands an inheriting ethnic group of the African people exists since about 2,500 years. All the efforts of the colonialism for more than six centuries have not been able to put an end to her... Full story - - Auteur: Antonio Cubillo Ferreira - Date : 2009-08-05 20:41:00


On 22 of January of 2009 , the president of the Spanish colonialist government, Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero, has had to send a request of aid by the TV, requesting to the Spanish people to buy only Spanish products to try to save the mistreated economy of the metropolis; the previous day the minister of Industry launched the first request of help. Everything has been accompanied by a TV campaign where some people speak of the excellence of Spanish products. When a European Head of State of the EU, with his European Common Market, must resort to these declarations to save its economy is that all is worse of which thinks Solbes , great specialist, Spanish minister of Economy and future Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. ... Full story - - Auteur: CNC - Date : 2009-02-12 09:37:00


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