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Tunis Declaration: Amazigh, democratic challenge in North Africa

Organizations working in the field of human rights, peoples' rights and international solidarity, meeting in Tunis from 26 to 30 March 2013 within the framework of the World Social Forum, declare as follows:

- Considering that this forum is a highlight of the social struggles for democracy, freedom, equal rights, justice and peace, it is placed under the sign of human dignity,
- Considering that the Amazigh people, Tamazgha’s (North Africa), indigenous people suffer from various forms of denial, dispossession, forced assimilation and oppression in different Tamazgha’s (North Africa) countries,
- Considering that the Amazigh people aspire to enjoy all the rights and freedoms recognized internationally for all peoples of the world,


To the WSF

- The expression of solidarity with the Amazigh people and for the recognition of individual and collective freedoms rights, including freedom of movement throughout the territory of Tamazgha (North Africa),
- The denunciation of violence, and intimidation prohibited exercised by the police on human rights activists and restrictions on freedom of movement of citizens. The Algerian state should be particularly denounced for having prevented the Amazigh activist Mr. Hocine Azem in leaving Algerian territory to join the FSM and trying to prevent to one hundred activists from Algeria the entrance into Tunisia and have confiscated an Amazigh’s activists flag,
- Support for Political Prisoners in Morocco, especially those who have been incarcerated for defending the rights of indigenous peoples to their land, their natural resources and their language and culture, as Mustafa Oussaya, Hamid Ouattoch, Jamal Ouassou, Hocine Ait-Baha and Mustafa Ouchtoban,
- Support for the villagers of Imider (Morocco), 19-month strike against the Metallurgical Company at Imider (SMI), supported by the government, which robs their land and their natural resources, including the water, vital and scarce resource for the community living in a desert area of southern Morocco,
- Support for all community struggles against land grabbing and plundering of natural resources, especially in mountain areas and to the right to common property management of their territories in the world,
- The support of the right to self-determination of all peoples, without distinction, especially people who suffer from a colonial situation.

North African States

- To put an immediate end to all laws and practices including administrative and police abuses that seriously violate the right of assembly and the right free expression of civil society organizations and democratic political movements, as has been the recently cases in Morocco and Algeria.
- To recognize the full diversity of peoples, communities, languages and cultures, as repeatedly recommended by all international organizations, including UNESCO and various relevant bodies of the UN.
- To respect their commitments and obligations particularly in terms of recognition and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms as they are universally accepted. The North Africa’s states are urged to recognize the Amazigh communities' status of indigenous peoples and its entirety respect in the United Nations Declaration on the Indigenous Peoples Rights.
- In all Tamazgha countries: Constitutional recognition of the Amazigh identity, recognition of the Amazigh language as an official language and its immediate translation into legislation in favour of the language and culture Amazigh in these countries.

International bodies

- States and key international bodies, particularly the UN, EU and AU are urged to implement all the political, legal and financial to compel North African states to meet their international obligations for individual and collective rights.
- International bodies are questioned about the phenomenon of militarization in the countries of North Africa, which is a serious threat to human security, such as the Canary Archipelago used by NATO as a military base for control on the African continent.
- Develop and implement mechanisms to create internationally spaces of participation of civil society organizations in all international negotiations,
- In the context of the right of peoples to self-determination, recognize and support the right of the people Kel Tamashek (Tuareg) to govern them self and protect their way of life and culture. The case of the Azawad’s (North Mali) conflict must be solved through political dialogue which should neither ignore the fundamental causes of the crisis, nor any component of this territory’s population.

Tunis, March 30, 2013

- Congrès Mondial Amazigh
- Forum de la Solidarité Euro-Méditerranéenne
- Association Tunisienne de la culture amazighe, Tunisie
- Solidaridad Canaria, Archipel Canarien
- Association des Populations des Montagnes du Monde
- Organisation de la diaspora Touarègue en Europe
- Association Zwara pour l’identité et le patrimoine, Libye
- Association Trait d’Union, Vgayet, Algérie
- Forum médias Amazighs sud-est, Maroc
- Association Azrou pour la culture amazighe, Gabès, Tunisie
- Association amazighe de Djerba, Tunisie
- Association Azetta, Maroc

Auteur: CMA
Date : 2013-04-15 13:02:00

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