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By Imider,
Date : 2016-04-19 09:15:00

The Movement on the Road '96 Imider, movement of social protest, democratic and peaceful, organized in the days of April11-12-14 and 16, 2016 a series of activities on Albban Mount, place of the permanent sit-in, for the benefit of Imider?s population. The other face of the struggle and peaceful resistance, under the words "Sport, Art and Entertainment, the other face of peaceful resistance".

The cultural and sporting activities proposed in these important days attracted more than a thousand people from the seven villages which make up the Imider Rural Municipality: different social groups and friends of the protest movement have honored us with their presence, taking all part in various activities. More than 700 people participated, with a massive participation of children and young people of the municipal schools of the territory and with a significant and vital presence of girls and women.
In particular, the activities of the first day (April 11) took place under the theme "Aman Iman, L?acqua ? vita, Water is Life", with musical and expressive art workshops for children and adults directedto deal with the basic issues related to the water question as an essential element for life and Common Good, as well as non-competitive sports such as football and volleyball. The workshops were supervised and conducted by the friends of the Movement on a visit from Rome, the Italian capital, which had brought sporting and artistic equipments for the Imider community. The Italians friends have been greeted by a warm and affectionate welcome on Albban Mount and honored with symbolic gifts for their solidarity and support to the protesters. Italians friends have expressed their heartfelt happiness to share that wonderful day together of cultural and sporting activities under the conviviality and the love for our Planet. The theme "Water is life: Mediterraneo, a sea of Rights" will also be the main theme of the Sport Against Violence Event SAVE 2016 in Rome, Italy, next June in continuity with this shared day of April11.

On April 12-14 and 16 were also organized a series of competitions including the marathon, volleyball and football matches with a high turnout and participation of women's category in particular in the marathon, where women have won over 26 medals on 38.Of the rest, people of all the different age groups participated in the cultural, artistic and entertainment proposals: theater performances and songs that reflect the real image of what the Imider population has lived and lives. The students (primary and secondary school, high school and university) participated in contests and competitions to put into play their intellectual capacities, by measuring the level of their skills. And yet, workshops in painting, drawing and many other recreational activities have drawn a smile on the faces of young and less young. In the end, a feast for the award ceremony with attestations of appreciation and acknowledgment for the representatives of different social groups (women, young and old).

In short, this is the way in which the days "of Albban" have elapsed, coinciding with the spring school holidays, in an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm in the sit-in framework, under the auspices of the words "Sport, Art and Entertainment, the other face of peaceful resistance" to strengthen the spirit of endurance and perseverance in the face to the policynegligence towards the protests and the legitimate requests of the inhabitants of Imider Municipality.

These requests define their legitimacy in accordance with the overall strategy of the State and don?t go beyond the state-declared strategic framework for the economic policies: green Morocco, clean energy, sustainable development, solidarity economy. They are also part of the State's strategy in thesectors of environmental conservation and struggle against desertification and pollution, also converging with the articles of the new Constitution concerning human rights, equality of citizens, and right to development for all.

Lastly, we in the Movement on the Road '96 Imider, thank all those who supported us in one way or another in the realization of this noble humanitarian event, and in particular the Movement and Imider friends who are always here with us. Thanks to activists and militants of Imider who have once again shown their determination to continue the struggle for equity and social justice.
The Communication Committee Movement on the Road '96 Imider - Sit-in "Albban" - April 17, 2016.

April 11th, 2016

April 12th, 2016


April 14th, 2016

April 16th, 2016

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