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The CMA expresses its total support to the Amazighs of Libya

Date : 2018-12-25 07:20:00

Libya has been living for several years without democratically appointed government authorities and in total political and security chaos. Two governments are fighting for power and the country is divided into various areas controlled by military or paramilitary militias. It is in this context of civil war that a "national dialogue conference in the first weeks of 2019" seems to be preparing, according to Ghassan Salamé, the UN's envoy to Libya, and a "constitutional referendum" is planned for the month of next February.

However, the draft Constitution as drafted today has already been categorically rejected by the Amazighs of Libya by the voice of the High Council of Amazighs, because this project bases the identity of the country on the supremacy of language and Araboislamic culture and relegates the Amazigh and Toubou components to the lower rank. It is therefore a project based on racial discrimination in flagrant violation of international law and democratic principles.

Article 2, while recognizing that "Arabic, Amazigh and Toubou languages are part of the cultural and linguistic heritage of all Libyans", the constitutional text provides that "Libya is part of the Arab nation" and that "the Arabic language is the language of the state”. The text adds: "the law will organize the integration of other Libyan languages in the areas of life in general at local and national levels". This clearly affirms a privileged position for the Arabic language and a secondary position for the Amazigh and Toubou languages. This augurs a social project with two categories of citizens: Arabs, full Libyans with all their rights and Amazighs and Toubous, second-class citizens. Such a segregation scheme would send Libya back to the worst moments of the Gaddafi era, which is obviously unacceptable, which is why it was rejected by the Amazighs of that country.

Article 6 states that "Islam is the state religion and Islamic Shari'a is the source of the law". There follow other discriminatory articles that prohibit a non-muslim Libyan candidate in the House of Representatives (article 69) or the Presidency of the Republic (article 101) and that justice is rendered "in the name of Allah" (article 189). These articles are ostensibly intended to impose an Islamic republic, regardless of the diversity of cultures and beliefs in Libya.

As a result, the Amazigh World Congress (AWC) denounces the racist character of this draft Constitution and warns of the serious risks of conflict that this anti-democratic and dishonest method will not fail to provoke. The AWC naturally expresses its full support for the High Council of Amazighs of Libya and assures it of its solidarity in its demands and in the initiatives that it will deem useful to take in order to defend the dignity, the rights and the liberties of the Amazigh indigenous people of this country.

The Amazigh World Congress calls on the AU, the UN and Libya's European partners to not condone the establishment of a totalitarian theocracy in this country and to do everything in their power to promote the advent of a democratic Libya, plural and open to universal human progress.

Paris, 10/12/2968 – 22/12/2018

The Bureau of Amazigh World Congress

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