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The Amazighs of Algeria: To be at the encounter with the History

In Algeria, the Amazighs and particularly the Kabyles, have always expressed their rejection of the Algerian system of governance, led by one of the last and most archaic military junta, whose methods of government are composed of abuse of power, repression, corruption, embezzlement of public funds, violations of human rights and freedoms. This power, which is subordinated to Arab-Islamist ideology, has always denied and fought against the aspirations of the Amazigh people to live in freedom and dignity.

Since February 2019, in all regions of Algeria and especially in Kabylia, Amazighs have been demonstrating massively every week, demanding the end of this system, which they call "mafia and murderer" and the establishment of real democracy and the rule of law. As usual, the Algerian regime has always responded with violence, going so far as to let Kamel-Eddine Fekhar, a human rights defender, die in prison and throw dozens of Amazigh flag bearers into prison since June 2019.

In an absolute attempt to give itself legitimacy and a civilian facade, the Algerian military regime imposed, outside any legal framework, a pseudo presidential election on 12 December 2019, with five candidates, all from the authoritarian and corrupt system in place for more than 60 years.

Kabylia in particular has been placed under high surveillance by the army and the police and gendarmerie forces. The firing by the repressive forces against the peaceful rallies observed on the day of the "vote" left one person dead, Ouamara Mohamed, in Isser and several dozen wounded, some of them seriously injured, particularly in Tizi-Wezzu and Vgayet.

The official results of this "election" published on 13 December give one of the five candidates the winner but with the lowest participation rate ever recorded in Algeria (less than 40% on average) and a historical zero participation in Kabylia, an Amazigh region with a population of about 12 million inhabitants.

In this context, the legitimacy of this election and that of the newly elected "President" is highly questionable. This illegitimate "president" cannot therefore govern the country.

Moreover, by refusing to take part unanimously in this "electoral masquerade", Kabylia has shown once again, in a masterful way, its total rejection of this system and at the same time expressed its deep attachment to its identity, its freedom and its dignity.

Since united Kabylia has reaffirmed its singularity, particularly in the political sphere and in its project for a resolutely democratic and secular society, it is now up to the Algerian authorities to take note of this and to open, without delay, a direct and sincere dialogue with its representatives on the future of this territory and its people, within the international legal framework relating to the right of peoples to self-determination.

Paris, 2/12/2969 - 14/12/2019
The Board of CMA.

Auteur: CMA
Date : 2019-12-17 14:27:00

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