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Amazigh World Congress to the King of Morocco: the government and parliament must be immediately removed from their functions for having seriously and irresponsibly violated the country's Constitution

Date : 2020-08-24 15:43:00

In a letter sent by the World Amazigh Congress to HM King Mohamed VI, the CMA calls for the Moroccan government and parliament to be immediately removed from their functions for having seriously and irresponsibly violated the country's Constitution. which enshrines "Tamazight official language" by passing the law n ° 04.20 which excludes Tamazight from the new national electronic identity card which is clearly outlawed since it is unconstitutional and it directly contradicts the organic law n ° 26-16 of 12/09/2019.

The CMA qualified this gesture as an aggression against the Amazighs, against their country and against their dignity. They were offended and betrayed by this unworthy and illegitimate government and parliament because of submission to imported Arab-nationalist and Islamist ideologies,

Given the historical importance of this letter, hereinafter in its entirety:

HM King Mohammed VI

Royal Palace

Rabat, Morocco


As you know, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, at a time when the whole world is concerned about this serious health crisis, the Moroccan government has chosen this precise moment to sneak through its bill No. 04.20, which excludes Tamazight from the new national electronic identity card, at high speed. According to this project, the new identity document will be written only in two languages of foreign origin, Arabic and French and without Tamazight, the official language, indigenous language and mother tongue of Morocco and all Tamazgha (North Africa and Sahara).

Thus, despite our warnings and those of the Amazigh movement in Morocco, the Moroccan government and parliament have seriously and irresponsibly violated the country's constitution, which enshrines "Tamazight as an official language" (Article 5) and Organic Law No. 26-16 of 12/09/2019, and in particular Article 21, which states that "the information contained in the following official documents shall be written in the Amazigh language, alongside the Arabic language: the national identity card, passport, driving licence, residence cards of foreigners established in Morocco, the various personal cards and certificates issued by the administration".

This pseudo law wanted by the Saad-Eddine El-Othmani government and voted by the majority of deputies, is therefore clearly outlawed since it is unconstitutional and it contradicts head-on the organic law No. 26-16 of 12/09/2019.

As a result and certainly because of their submission to imported Arabo-nationalist and Islamist ideologies, the government and parliament of Morocco have committed an act that is not only illegal but also highly racist and discriminatory against the Amazighs. If this adventurous project is not stopped immediately, it will inevitably cause discord and instability in the country.

Indeed, the Amazighs of Morocco felt the exclusion of their language from the project for a new national identity card as an aggression against their being, their country and their dignity. They have been offended and betrayed by this unworthy and illegitimate government and parliament.

Consequently, for the Amazighs, this false and shameful Law 04.20 is null and void. The Amazigh World Congress also believes that a government and parliament that transgresses the legislation in force and thereby creates a clear and serious disturbance of public order, no longer has any legitimacy and must therefore be immediately dismissed from office.

Furthermore, the drafting and adoption of this infamous Law 04.20 bears witness to the entrenchment of racism and anti-Amazigh discrimination within the Moroccan State. This is what our observations regularly highlight and what the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) regularly denounced in its final conclusions when it examined the case of Morocco in 2003 and 2010. Ms. Tendayi Achiume, the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance noted in her report at the end of her mission to Morocco in December 2018, that "Amazighs suffer discrimination, structural exclusion and even racist stereotyping and related intolerance because of their Amazigh language and culture”. She also deplored the fact that Morocco, which was due to report on the implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in 2014, has not yet done so in 2018 and not even in 2020. Could this six-year delay be explained by the government's fear of a new list of derogatory observations and binding recommendations from the United Nations? From the point of view of international law, Morocco is therefore also largely deficient on this subject.


Certainly, the current Moroccan political staff does not serve the interests of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to identify those responsible for these serious abuses both within the government and the high administration of the State and to exclude them and punish them in an exemplary manner. Morocco, which aspires to modernity and progress, cannot allow these carriers of the virus of racism, particularly the anti-Amazighs virus, to flourish in its midst.

Despite the hateful and aggressive context they are subjected to, the Amazighs have so far been able to remain calm, in particular because of covid-19 and the concern to prevent its spread. But this apparent serenity hides a deep anger against this Amazighophobic government and this unworthy "representation" of the people who act against the interests of the people.

Whatever its patience, the Amazigh people of Morocco cannot accept the perfidious acts carried out against it in the name of the Moroccan state.


We have decided to write to you today to ask you to act under Article 42 of the Constitution, which provides that "the King, Head of State, his supreme representative, symbol of the unity of the nation, guarantor of the durability and continuity of the State and supreme arbiter between its institutions, shall ensure respect for the Constitution, the proper functioning of constitutional institutions, the protection of democratic choice and the rights and freedoms of citizens and communities, and respect for the Kingdom's international commitments". 

In order to preserve the higher interests of the country and its inhabitants, we ask you to :

- Abolish Law No. 04.20 because it is illegal and carries serious dangers for the country,

- stop all decisions relating to the manufacture and distribution of the new national electronic identity card, which we call the anti-Amazigh apartheid identity card,

- terminate the functions of all members of the Government and of both chambers of parliament for failure to fulfil their legal and moral obligations,

- To expedite the implementation of Organic Law No. 26-16 of 12/09/2019 on the implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language,

- pass an anti-racism law, criminalizing, inter alia, anti-Amazigh racism,

- take all relevant measures to ensure that Morocco effectively complies with its international human rights commitments.

We remain at your disposal to provide you with any clarification you may require. Please accept, Majesty, the assurances of our highest consideration.

Paris, 8/08/2970 – 20/08/2020

The co-chairs

Kamira Nait Sid and Khalid Zerrari

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