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Statement about the protest in front of the Libyan Consulate in Rabat

       Following the arbitrary and unlawful banning of the protest (sit-in) announced to be held on Thursday, January 6, 2011 in front of Libyan embassy in Rabat by the International Congress of Amazigh Youth in solidarity with Bouzakhar brothers detained by the Libyan apartheid regime. In presence of and coordination with supporting associations and activists in a meeting held in the headquarters of the Amazighe Network for Citizenship in Rabat, the International Congress of Amazigh Youth announces the following to national and international public opinion.

Yan (one): It strongly condemns all arbitrary and illegal violations exercised on the peaceful protest; banning the protest by an SMS sent by 20t district in Rabat. The police then violently dispersed the demonstrators in humiliating way denying all the legal rules, besides an attempt to arrest Said Elferouah (a member of the Coordination Committee of the International Congress of Amazigh Youth and grabing the mobile phone of the journalist Ali Al Ansari.
Overall, we denounce violations of rights freedoms in countries of Tamazgha (North Africa).

 Sin (Two): we continue to claim immediate and unconditional release of the two Bozakhar brothers (members of the International Congress of Amazigh Youth), as well as ending the oppression and torture exercised on all Libyan Amazighes by the Libyan non democratic and nazi regime especially the artist Abdoullah Achini arrested two years ago and the activist Fathi Benkhalifa. since two and a freedom fighter Fathi Ben Khalifa who was forced to leave Morocco by Moroccan authorities ceding to pressure exercised by Libyan regime, this activist is still threatened of physical liquidation in the Netherlands.

 KraD (Three): condemnation of the weak position of the Moroccan State in front of the Libyan dictator regime, and the latest manifestations of this submission to blackmail appeared clearly in the silence of the state about the arrest of two researchers from the Royal Institute for Amazigh Culture, which were on a scientific mission in Libya. And considers the state and all its organs including the institution to which they belong professionally responsible for their detention under mysterious circumstances for more than 17 days without any public initiative to clarify this matter.

KkuZ (Four): we call for all organisations, bodies and democratic activists to support legitimate demands of the Amazighe Movement, and to organize a campaign of struggle and protest to expose intimidation and repression practiced by the Libyan racist regime against all the defenders of freedom and diversity, led by activists of the Amazigh Movement and organizations of Libyan Tuaregs in Libya or abroad.
International Congress of Amazigh Youth

  • Organisations present:
  • -Amazigh Observatory of Rights and Freedoms
  • -Amazigh Network for Citizenship
  •  -Tmaynut Organization
  • -Izrfan Association
  • -Moroccan Association for Research and Cultural Exchange
  •  -Amazigh World Congress.


Date : 2011-01-10 13:59:00

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That\'s not just the best aneswr. It\'s the bestest answer!  
That\'s not just the best aneswr. It\'s the bestest answer!  
Par: Chiana

Chris,Thanks. Sounds perfectly reaslnaboe to me although your position could easily have been prefaced with In a perfect world . (although in a per  
Chris,Thanks. Sounds perfectly reaslnaboe to me although your position could easily have been prefaced with In a perfect world . (although in a perfect world situations like Libya shouldn\'t happen, right?)The problem is that it\'s not a perfect world, it\'s the real world, and people are being killed. Even if there is some kind of in-region third party mediation/peace initiative at play it\'s not doing the people at risk much good if the killing continues and especially not if the talks falter.I understand that the possibility of the establishment of a no-fly zone by some non-regional players is being discussed or may even be in effect toute-suite (I\'m too lazy to google the latest news now). If it happens is it better than what you describe? Probably not for those who, some might say, are looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses far from harm\'s way, but it might very well be a god-send for those poor sods in the cross-hairs. Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing , or whatever the saying is, may sound trite to some but I don\'t think I\'m going too far out on the limb by saying that people would much prefer being saved from harm by action, rather than be, for all intents and purposes, sacrificed while others sit around talking peace or simply making grand soliloquies of moral indignation. What would a Tutsi in Rwanda have preferred and what did they get? The world is a messy place and sometimes messy solutions are needed for messy problems. At least until the Martians land and take over.  
Par: Shodai

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