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Tinariwen 2010 Summer Tour:

First Amazigh festival in Australia:

Morocco: The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator:

Amazigh delegation to the OSCE conference in Amman on the 26,27 October:

Khalid Izri Concert in Barcelona on 2008/7/1:


Un pays conquis par les arabes est bientot ruiné (IBN KHALDOUN):
Ils sont en effet, en raison de leur naturel farouche, gens de pilleries et de brigandage : tout ce dont ils peuvent se saisir sans lutte et sans danger, ils l'enlèvent, puis ils s'enfuient vers leurs pâturages du désert. Ils n'attaquent point ouvertement, ni ne combattent en bataille rangée, à moins d'y être contraints pour leur propre défense : aussi, s'ils se heurtent à une forteresse ou à un endroit qui leur réserve des difficultés, ils les laissent de côté, sans les attaquer, et se tournent vers quelque objet de conquête facile. Les tribus qui se retranchent contre eux dans les rochers des montagnes sont à l'abri de leurs rapines et de leurs violences, car ils n'escaladent point les hauteurs, ni ne s'engagent dans des terrains difficiles, ni ne s'exposent à des dangers pour les atteindre. Quant aux plaines, s'ils peuvent s'en emparer du fait qu'elles sont mal gardées ou que le pouvoir gouvernemental manque de force, elles deviennent leur butin et la proie qu'ils dévorent ......

Tamazgha Toponame

Toponymie is a science which studies places names (toponymes). It seeks their meaning, their etymology, but also their transformation throughout the centuries. We deal here with the toponymie of Tamazgha (North Africa):

Toponame: Imouzzar
Signification: la cascade
Explication: pluriel de Amazzer : la cascade.

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Who makes himself a sheep will be eaten by the wolves.

Amazighs, those who have short memory, read these declarations

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story


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Imider/Morocco : We are already in jail for a long time, free our detainees
Waves of arrests have succeeded in the ranks of activists of the movement "on the road?96" since October 2011 (arrest of Mustapha Ouchtobane), parallel to the continuity of the peaceful protests of the inhabitants of the municipality of Imider, reaching 975 days, marking the longest sit-in in the history of Morocco. This period has seen several steps and events that have affected public opinion in several occasions. the alleged agreement made by ... Full story

International Women's Day ... the Imideriens women wear black clothes at that day
Hundreds of women came out in a Women protest march morning ( 08/03/2014) sloping from different villages of the commune, along the national road No. 10 in the direction of "Taourirt Nussbadan" foot Mount "Alebban" sit-in. This peaceful protest form comes in the context of the struggles of the population of Imider that regulated by the Movement on the road?96 since August 2011 and coinciding with the International Women's day (March 8).... Full story

Rally of Solidarity for Mozabite People in Algeria
The North American Committee for the Support of Amazigh Mzab (NACSAM).?
Rally of Solidarity for Mozabite People.
Sunday, January 12th 2014 at 3pm at Canadian Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
... Full story

Morocco : Annual statement of the Amazigh Network for Citizenship -AZETTA AMAZIGHE? On the situation of Amazigh linguistic and cultural rights through 2013 On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Executive Office of the Amazigh Network for Citizenship "AZETTA AMAZIGHE," at the time that it evokes the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, would like to congratulate, on this occasion, all the movements defending human rights and the rights of people desperate for an another Morocco and an another possible world where human rights prevail.... Full story

Libya's Berber to boycott committee drafting constitution
(Reuters) - Libya's Berber minority will boycott a committee to draft a new national constitution, Berber leaders and the election commission said, in a move that complicates attempts to end oil and gas protests. Members of the Berber, or Amazigh, minority have halted gas exports to Italy and also stopped a part of Libyan oil exports by occupying the Mellitah port in western Libya to demand more rights for their long-oppressed people.... Full story

IMIDER (Morocco): The old problem opposing villages to Royal Holding mine
The populations of Imider organize a protest march (10 -11 - 2013, 833 days of protests) along the national road 10 in a new direction "Boumalne Dades" walking approximately 20 Km back and forth.... Full story

Image speaks more than words
Je vais réécrire la liberté et cette fois par mon propre sang pour que mes descendant ne soient plus comme mes ancetres. Je vais redevenir Amazigh:


Petition to support Morocan Amazighs in their struggle to not impose on theme Arabic names:   [Mbarek Oulemda] [ 2009-05-22 11:36:00 ]

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Zaama Zaama Real Audio
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Books / Idlisen

Agad n tidt
The literary and poetic Amazigh field has been enriched recently by the publication of a new collection of poems by the poet Taieb Amgroud. This collection entitled "agad n tidt" or the egg of truth comprising 31 poems on 60 pages is the second for the author after "inagan" which is being published by Ircam. THOSE ARE descriptions of this collection of poems: ... Full story



September 3, 1999, just days after his first election, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika made ??his famous speech in Kabylie capital where he says, "and I came here burst your balloon. The Amazigh would never be official, it would never be official, and I want to say that"
In winter 2001, the Algerian gendarmerie made a huge massacre of Amazigh of Kabylie.
A few months before the end of the 3th Mondat, Algerian police again accompanied this time with Chaamba Arab civilians massacring Amazigh of Mzab region in Ghardaia town.

Three days only after his 4th election, the Algerian police made again among a big massacre of  Amazigh of Kabylie to mistreat peaceful demonstrators gathered to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the Amazigh spring .

The Algerian government has made ??this choice at the time that its Moroccan neighbor chose to leave his Amazigh celebrating the same anniversary in Rabat. At the time of the massacre, the information circulated quickly in the ranks of protesters in Rabat and the manifestation quickly chanted his slogan "Algerian government assassin"

Now the question that arises is: in front of the West and the East criminal silence of those massacres, have Amazigh of Algeria another choice than the civil disobedience?

Yes, Amazigh of Algeria have another choice: to continue the submission to the Arabo-Islamic ideology
Yes, Amazigh of Algeria have another choice: to put their fate in the hands of Allah
No, Amazigh of Algeria have only one choice: civil disobedience
I don't know

Flash info
Who took power over Morocco?
Here is a video about the Moroccan Health Minister Madame Yasmina Badou of the Family of prime minister. She couldn't stop laughing while she had to answer a deputy's question about the Leishmaniose disease common and sometimes epidemic in the region of Tafilalt Morocco. This gives you an idea about who's in charge of arabe government who took power over Morocco.


Date : 2011-08-28 03:39:00

Training in Al Azhar university in Cairo

Date : 2011-07-22 09:34:00

Islam in the west

Date : 2011-07-21 08:56:00

Kadhafi's best song


Date : 2011-03-09 14:28:00

Amazigh waking up in Tunisia

Date : 2011-02-14 22:02:00

Burst into laughter : Tadsa
Joking in Frensh, in Amazigh, in Arabic

Revised History

Year : 1977


Silence in North Afrique we arabize Amazigh poeple, the process work perfectly it can sound genocide but in the name of Allah all thing is ok, .
In Morocco ; In Algeria ; In Lybia-Siwa

North Africa

Arabization and linguistic politics in North Africa : in Morocco ; Algeria ; in Tunisia. Poeples in North Africa must always assume arabic face identity that we impose ?

Arabisme, what that that means?

Manifeste d'arabisation du Maroc du 23 Mai 1970. Les 493 intelectuels et hommes politiques de la gauche et de droite qui avaient demandé la déstruction d'un patrimoine de l'humanité qui est l'identité Amazighe!!

Berber Dahir
Pour mieux comprendre l'histoire du Maroc lire ce dossier spécial sur l'avant et l'aprés le dahir dit berbére. De 1914 à 2003 des documents historiques inédits. Les protégés de la France, l'angleterre, le wahabisme, le dahir de my youssef de 1914 et celui de Med V de 1930 .. ect

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Anti-Semitic Protests in Morocco a Warning Sign
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Morocco : Annual statement of the Amazigh Network for Citizenship -AZETTA AMAZIGHE? On the situation of Amazigh linguistic and cultural rights through 2013 On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  [ Azetta ] [ 2013-12-15 12:36:00 ]

Statement about the protest in front of the Libyan Consulate in Rabat
[ 2011-01-10 13:59:00 ]

International Women's Day ... the Imideriens women wear black clothes at that day
  [ Amussu Imider ] [ 2014-03-09 21:52:00 ]

Human Rights Watch : Letter to Morocco Interior Minister Benmoussa on the Refusal of Amazigh Names
  [ Human Rights Watch ] [ 2009-09-04 17:45:00 ]


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