A straw will show which way the wind blows.
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Tinariwen 2010 Summer Tour:

First Amazigh festival in Australia:

Morocco: The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator:

Amazigh delegation to the OSCE conference in Amman on the 26,27 October:

Khalid Izri Concert in Barcelona on 2008/7/1:


Juifs et chretiens dans le coude du Dra du Xe au XIe siecle Av J.C.:
En ce qui a trait à l’antiquité protohistorique, l’érudition juive conçoit l’arrivée des juifs dans l’Extrême-Occident en deux époques principales. La première époque est l’époque tyrienne et correspond à l’expansion de la navigation phénicienne, au Xe siècle avant notre ère. Sous les règnes de David et de Salomon, des Israélites seraient venus sur le littoral du Sud Marocain marchands juifs  

Tamazgha Toponame

Toponymie is a science which studies places names (toponymes). It seeks their meaning, their etymology, but also their transformation throughout the centuries. We deal here with the toponymie of Tamazgha (North Africa):

Toponame: Imouzzar Marmoucha
Signification: les écraseurs - le responsable du marié.
Explication: imouzzar imermouchen : imouzzar : cascades, Imermouchen : pluriel de Amermouch : composé de « am » : qui et « armouch » :du verbe irmech :écraser . Imermouchen : les écraseurs qui veut dire les dictateurs. Chez les Touaregs amermouch signifie le responsable du marié lors de la fête du mariage.

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It is not the wind that is moving; it is not the flag that is moving; it is mind that is moving.

Amazighs, those who have short memory, read these declarations

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story


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Anyone who wishes to include an article to help educate people about the Amazigh--the language, culture, the people's struggles for the right to self-identification in North Africa--is welcome and encouraged to send the document to info@amazighWorld.org (read more)


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IMIDER: WARM WELCOME for the first prisoner of the Movement on the road?96
Today the populations of Imider warmly welcome the detainee of the cause of Imider Mustapha OUCHTTOUBANE.
Mustapha was the first detainee during the protests of the inhabitants of Imider among a long list of political prisoners who arbitrarily arrested and sentenced in unfair judgments based on unfounded accusations since the beginning of the protests in 2011.
... Full story

8 March 2013 - from 2014 to 2015: for the third consecutive time, the Imider?s women have walked in a peaceful march along the state road no 10. Women who have participated and still fully participate - alongside their husbands and their sons - to the fight for the recognition of legitimate rights, taking part in all the forms of protest that Imider has experienced until now. They are present more than ever on the ‪#‎Alebban‬ Mount, in the struggle against the silver mine managed by the mining company SMI and against the policies of marginalization and impoverishment imposed by ...... Full story

Imider/Morocco : We are already in jail for a long time, free our detainees
Waves of arrests have succeeded in the ranks of activists of the movement "on the road?96" since October 2011 (arrest of Mustapha Ouchtobane), parallel to the continuity of the peaceful protests of the inhabitants of the municipality of Imider, reaching 975 days, marking the longest sit-in in the history of Morocco. This period has seen several steps and events that have affected public opinion in several occasions. the alleged agreement made by ... Full story

International Women's Day ... the Imideriens women wear black clothes at that day
Hundreds of women came out in a Women protest march morning ( 08/03/2014) sloping from different villages of the commune, along the national road No. 10 in the direction of "Taourirt Nussbadan" foot Mount "Alebban" sit-in. This peaceful protest form comes in the context of the struggles of the population of Imider that regulated by the Movement on the road?96 since August 2011 and coinciding with the International Women's day (March 8).... Full story

Rally of Solidarity for Mozabite People in Algeria
The North American Committee for the Support of Amazigh Mzab (NACSAM).?
Rally of Solidarity for Mozabite People.
Sunday, January 12th 2014 at 3pm at Canadian Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
... Full story

Morocco : Annual statement of the Amazigh Network for Citizenship -AZETTA AMAZIGHE? On the situation of Amazigh linguistic and cultural rights through 2013 On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Executive Office of the Amazigh Network for Citizenship "AZETTA AMAZIGHE," at the time that it evokes the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, would like to congratulate, on this occasion, all the movements defending human rights and the rights of people desperate for an another Morocco and an another possible world where human rights prevail.... Full story

Image speaks more than words
Le parti de la démagogie:


Petition to support Morocan Amazighs in their struggle to not impose on theme Arabic names:   [Mbarek Oulemda] [ 2009-05-22 11:36:00 ]

Tamazgha Gallery

The Tighermt of Tadoula at 30 km from Warzazat on the way to Marrakesh via Tizi n Tishka (the South east of Morocco)
Houses in the Amazigh countries
The Amazigh culture is the one which englobes the ocean, the mountain and the desert

Azawan / Music


  • A vava inouva (4'25) Real Audio

  • Isefra (3'58)  Real Audio

  • Ssendu (3'18)  Real Audio

  • Azger (2'25)  Real Audio

  • Muqelgh (3'23)  Real Audio

  • Acawi (3'21)  Real Audio

  • Ay arrac nne (3'16) Real Audio

  • Cteduyi (4'18) Real Audio

  • Izumal (3'46) Real Audio

  • Lmut (4'49) Real Audio

  • W' ibghun (3'37) Real Audio

  • Aghrib (3'20) Real Audio

  • Zwit rwit  (3'34)  Real Audio

  • Cfigh (3'33)  Real Audio
  • Azwaw (3'24)  Real Audio

  • Tagrawla (2'44)  Real Audio

  • Tighri bw gaud (2'52) Real Audio

  • Books / Idlisen

    Agad n tidt
    The literary and poetic Amazigh field has been enriched recently by the publication of a new collection of poems by the poet Taieb Amgroud. This collection entitled "agad n tidt" or the egg of truth comprising 31 poems on 60 pages is the second for the author after "inagan" which is being published by Ircam. THOSE ARE descriptions of this collection of poems: ... Full story



    The Souss region of southern Morocco is considered until now, the Moroccan biggest electoral reservoir. All political parties who were able to acquire the heart of the inhabitant’s region come to power without rival. Indeed the region have high population density and high dispersion population rate all over Morocco through trade, which is one of the region specificities. In the past, the region was electorally very generous with the pan-Arab political parties, the Socialists in particular. Today the region has given his entire electoral generosity to the new pan-Arab political party of the Muslim Brotherhood said PJD. If the first were the above expectations, the second simply humiliated and stigmatized them several times through the head of the government itself.

    In this new context, do you think that the Souss region will forever remain an electoral reservoir for pan-Arab political parties, Islamists or nationalists?
    Yes, Souss region will forever remain an electoral reservoir for pan-Arab political parties, Islamists or nationalists
    No, Souss region will never remain an electoral reservoir for pan-Arab political parties, Islamists or nationalists
    I don’t know

    Flash info
    Who took power over Morocco?
    Here is a video about the Moroccan Health Minister Madame Yasmina Badou of the Family of prime minister. She couldn't stop laughing while she had to answer a deputy's question about the Leishmaniose disease common and sometimes epidemic in the region of Tafilalt Morocco. This gives you an idea about who's in charge of arabe government who took power over Morocco.


    Date : 2011-08-28 03:39:00

    Training in Al Azhar university in Cairo

    Date : 2011-07-22 09:34:00

    Islam in the west

    Date : 2011-07-21 08:56:00

    Kadhafi's best song


    Date : 2011-03-09 14:28:00

    Amazigh waking up in Tunisia

    Date : 2011-02-14 22:02:00

    Burst into laughter : Tadsa
    Joking in Frensh, in Amazigh, in Arabic

    Revised History

    Year : 1985


    Silence in North Afrique we arabize Amazigh poeple, the process work perfectly it can sound genocide but in the name of Allah all thing is ok, .
    In Morocco ; In Algeria ; In Lybia-Siwa

    North Africa

    Arabization and linguistic politics in North Africa : in Morocco ; Algeria ; in Tunisia. Poeples in North Africa must always assume arabic face identity that we impose ?

    Arabisme, what that that means?

    Manifeste d'arabisation du Maroc du 23 Mai 1970. Les 493 intelectuels et hommes politiques de la gauche et de droite qui avaient demandé la déstruction d'un patrimoine de l'humanité qui est l'identité Amazighe!!

    Berber Dahir
    Pour mieux comprendre l'histoire du Maroc lire ce dossier spécial sur l'avant et l'aprés le dahir dit berbére. De 1914 à 2003 des documents historiques inédits. Les protégés de la France, l'angleterre, le wahabisme, le dahir de my youssef de 1914 et celui de Med V de 1930 .. ect

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    Amazigh democratic party (PDAM) wrote to the president of the European Parliament, Mr. Hans-Gert POTTENG, about human rights violation in Morocco
      [ Ahmed Adghirni ] [ 2008-09-19 00:15:00 ]

    Libya’s Amazigh People Fight for Identity as Government Continues to Deny Their Existence
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    Mali: for a definitive solution for the conflict in Azawad
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    IMIDER (Morocco): The old problem opposing villages to Royal Holding mine
      [ Amussu Xf Ubrid N96 ] [ 2013-11-17 20:16:00 ]

    Amazigh in Libya renew their demands for equality & civil rights
    [ 2012-08-19 15:43:00 ]

    The Kabyle Wills Through the foundation of a self-ruled Kabyle State
      [ Dahmane At Ali ] [ 2010-04-14 01:29:00 ]


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