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Amazigh cultural network in America

By Amazigh cultural network,
Date : 2012-12-25 14:28:00

After the completion of legal procedures with the administrative authorities of Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, a group of Amazigh activists announced the establishment of a new Amazigh Association in USA bearing the name of "Amazigh Cultural Network in America".(ACNA)
ACNA, is a Nonprofit organization dedicated to preserve and promote the Amazigh (berber) language and culture and to educate the general public on issues related to the humain rights of the Amazigh people in North Africa (Tamazgha).
ACNA's first Board meeting was held on Saturday, November 17th 2012 in Boston, at which the Board of directors and members were appointed.
The Amazigh Cultural Network in America is pleased to announce its board of directors and members :

Board of directors

President : Zouhir Azruhammar
Vice president : Brahim Yaroud
Secretary: Aziz Afoulous
V. Secretary: abdelhafid bouri
Treasurer: Salah Moujtahid
V.Treasurer: Miriam El ghorfi

Members :

Youssef El khayer
Hamid Elhou
Nourddine El Allali
Soumia Ait lhaj
Aziz Oulkadi
Member of Honor : Helene Hagan

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thanks a lot for sharing, we are looking forward in meeting, interacting, and working with imazighen from all over the world to serve Tamazight & imazighen
Azullen from the amazigh cultural network in america
Par: Zouhir A

Yennayer 2970  
I live in New York City,I would like to come for the amazigh new year 2970 on Jan19/2020.
But it’s gonna be hard for us.we(my wife and I)are working and kids have to go to school.
If it’s on Friday or Saturday,it will be perfect,people can stay at the hotel.
Then coming back will be easy,everybody will be home by Sunday night.
Thanks a lot .
Asggass ighoudan 2970.
Par: Kuceila

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