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Regarding the Kurds, Syria and the possibility of an international intervention

By Dr. Jawad Mella,
Date : 2013-01-24 09:37:00

The Kurdish Federation in Britain organised a meeting at London University on 17.01.2013, regarding the Kurds, Syria and the possibility of an international intervention ... It was attended by more than 100 Kurdish and British personalities, including Mr. Jeremy Corbyn MP, and the meeting was chaired by Mr. Mark Campbell, with the participation of Ms. Lindsey German of "stop the wars coalition" and Dr. Seda Altug Bogazici from Istanbul University...

The meeting was also attended by many Kurdish and non-Kurdish television journalists... Dozens spoke about the Kurdish and Syrian issue, and everyone speaking introduced himself and his work... Participants discussed various aspects ... And my participation was as follows:

I am Jawad Mella, President of the Kurdistan National Congress. I participated in the Kurdish liberation movement for over 50 years... Recently I visited leaders of the Kurdish movement in all parts of Kurdistan, among them leaders of the PKK in the Qandil Mountains, Mr. Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, leaders in Qamishlo and Seri Kaniye other leaders of PUK and Eastern Kurdistan and told them my program on Western Kurdistan...

I went to Western Kurdistan to establish Western Kurdistan Government because I worked on the formation of Western Kurdistan Government in exile in 2004, and now the time has come to move to the homeland. But I could observe that the PYD is working on the ground of such a government as I wanted to be established; its army and its administration and security forces etc... And I blessed their policy, which I would like to summarize in the following points:

1. It was able to avoid the Kurdish villages and towns to be stroke by Bashar Assad's aircraft bombs.
2. It did not enter into any fighting with other Kurdish political parties.
3. The presence of the Kurdish army may protect the Kurdish people from Arab tribes and Arabs of Arab Belt who are all of them carrying the Syrian regime weapons since long time ago.

Commenting on the speakers' words, which focused on democracy that will solve every single problem... I said: "We have ten years since the dictator Saddam Hussein has been removed from the power in Iraq, but the murdering of the people is still on-going during the so-called democracy as it was in the time of the dictatorship. We don’t like to repeat that in Western Kurdistan...
I consider that the main problem of Kurdistan and the Middle East nations lies in the unlawful artificial borders drawn by the imperialism agreements of Sykes-Picot and Lausanne, which ignored the presence of the indigenous peoples of the Middle East and wiped out their own homelands from the map, such as Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Amazigh and others… and I believe that the radical solution to the problems of the Middle East means to remove the unlawful artificial borders drawn by the imperialism agreements in order to restore freedom and independence of the indigenous peoples.

Mr. Jeremy Corbyn MP answered in his speech and said: "I support what Mr. Mella mentioned in his speech…" And when he had finished his speech, he sent the tribute of respect and approval to me ... And I answered it in the most beautiful and approving way.
Also I presented at the meeting the following map of the original and disadvantaged peoples of the Middle East to the British personalities in the meeting...

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I would like to declare that the Turks of the Turks are Kurdistan, but afterwards, we are going to chase the Turks hits our ancestors lost the power of the american game, but we do not have anything else anymore. In this case, we do not want to stop  

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