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Have we asked ourselves why a third of the new Israeli government is Moroccan-Israeli?

By AmazighWorld,
Date : 2020-05-24 13:31:00

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally came out and released the curtain on the new Israeli unity government, which consists of 34 ministers.

But, as north Africans and especially Moroccans, the most important thing is that a third of the government is Moroccan-Israeli (see photo). No country in the whole world, including what the Official Moroccan constitution considers "brother people" - with reference to the Arab countries- has minister from Moroccan origin throughout its history.

That is the result of 25 centuries of the Jewish presence in North Africa, which produced a cohesion that the dark ideologies cannot erase just with pens. To the extent that some Jewish historians themselves still cannot respond to the question of the origin of North African Jews? Are they Berbers/Amazighs converted to Judaism, before others were converted to Islam 11 centuries later, or are they Hebrews berberized/Amazighized?

Even the King Solomon’s wife, was the daughter of the Amazigh Pharaoh Sheshong, for him Amazigh people refer to their new year celebration from 950 BC?

These are historical facts and ties that cannot be ignored forever. It is certain that they will shock some political and religious currents that invaded North Africa. After 14 centuries living in North Africa , they still define themselves as people from the middle east, and they dedicated all their lives trying to make the autochthones think the same and in consequence to consider the Jews of Israel as enemies. Even though the common history with the "brother people" was all a conquest wars, looting and female sex salve.

These ideological currents can pretend that Israel is a new melting pot country, but why we didn’t see the that third of the most melting pot country in the world, which is America, are Americans from Moroccan origin?

was it not followed by the American government that guided the number one diaspora in the world from American Moroccan ministers?

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