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Khalid Izri Concert in Barcelona on 2008/7/1

Date : 2008-07-20 00:40:00

Khalid Izri was presented in the Teatro Monumental Mataronense last Saturday at the fourth edition of the Festival of Cultures Cruïlla. Izri's concert was great with his voice and his acoustic guitar and the instrumental accompaniment. The Amazigh musician based in Belgium was accompanied by a team of musicians, with a flutist travesera, an accordion who played the lute laps, a violin, double bass and percussionist with tambourine, pumpkin rotated, dishes, drawer and Charlie.

Khalid Izri sang many of his famous songs such as Yemma, Tasrith, Mach Gha Neg, and others. Mac Gha Neg was the icon of the night. Khalid Izri has played an important role in the cross cultural communication: to serve as a bridge between peoples. Certainly, the concert of Khalid Izri showed that music can connect cultures and generate dialogue without speaking the same language.

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Deadly accurate awsenr. You\'ve hit the bullseye!  
Deadly accurate awsenr. You\'ve hit the bullseye!  
Par: Charlotte

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It is with pleasure that we would like to announce that the Los Angeles Amazigh film Festival has been invited by the French Chamber of Commerce to participate in the LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2010 ... Full story - - Auteur: Helene Hagan - Date : 2010-09-11 17:05:00


Tinariwen 2010 Summer Tour
Everyone's favorite group of Tuareg rebel rockers is back. Tinariwen will be kicking off their 2010 Summer Tour at Bonnaroo on June 13th and will be finishing it up with a free show at Central Park's SummerStage on June 26th. Formed in rebel training camps in Libya, these exiled nomads turned rock stars have become the soundtrack for the Tuareg culture and people. Their latest album, Imidiwan: Companions (World Village), was recorded in the middle of the Saharan Desert and captures the power and grit of their beloved homeland. Full tour schedule and press release below. online press kit -- ... Full story - Date : 2010-06-04 13:05:00


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The flyers are ready today for the fist Amazigh Festival in Sydney on 16/05/09.
All communities are welcome and tickets are limited. Feel free to forward the flyers to your friends as well.
The festival is organised by Amazigh Association of Australia.
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Morocco: The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator
The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator who will also serve as on-site Training Coordinator for a 9 week ‘Pre-service training' (PST) conducted twice a year. Under the supervision of the Country Director, the Language and Cross Culture Coordinator will provide for the overall planning, implementation, management and evaluation of language and cross cultural skills training and acquisition by Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers . ... Full story - - Auteur: The United States Peace Corps - Date : 2008-12-24 20:55:00


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