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Morocco : it's too late ..

Morocco has recently decided to sever ties with Iran, but what is the rationale of this surprising move? As we can read and listen it in mainstream media, this North African country is very worried about the spreading of Shiism, the Iranian way of practicing Islam, among its population. Do you really belief this account? Sceptical as always, I could not agree less. Why? For the Moroccan regime, as always, has totally missed the bus again. Actually, we are very used to this hothead behaviour.

As we can easily see, if Moroccans become Shia Muslims it is not because of Iran, but ''thanks'' essentially to the zealous Makhzen himself who, over past decades, has decided to transform Morocco into a Middle East country. How? In doing every thing in his power to destroy the authentic identity and culture of Morocco- the Amazighity of course- and by importing massively Arab culture.

As a way of example, right now, all movies and music- as Moroccans do not have neither music nor movies- in Moroccan masse media are from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and other Arab countries. To a certain extent, you can even confuse Morocco to any Middle Eastern people. The consequence of all this destructive and criminal policy is that Moroccans have lost their identity. In fact they are utterly alienated. It is why they are systemically looking to the Middle East. They imitate every thing coming from this region like a flock of sheep. Even worse, every thing witch happens there has a huge and immediate impact on them.

Lately, thousands upon thousands of Moroccans have demonstrated even in the remote places of the country to support Gaza while scores and scores of their fellow countryman were dying of cold, flood and hunger in the Atlas Mountains. Similarly, when the war was waging between Hezbollah and Israel. As usual, with the enormous blessing of the regime- usually, you cannot demonstrate freely-, a lot of Moroccans had marched in support of this Shia party. Its talkative leader, Hassan Nasrallah, was considered- is still considered- as a hero, and of course a model to follow without any hesitation. Hence all the recent conversions to Shiism of so many Moroccans.

That being said, needless to say that the Moroccans have an immense identity void by reason of Makhzen cultural policy. This can be observed over time. Every Arab ideology is welcomed overwhelmingly. Prior to this last wave of Shiism, it was Baathism, Muslim Brothers, Wahabism, and other bloody ideologies. To put this with the tongue in cheek, the Makhzen have to be proud of his catastrophic outcome.

We have even to ‘'greet'' it, because its greatest dream to see the country totally and completely ‘'middle-easternized'' has eventually come true. But sadly for it this new situation comprises a lot of momentous dangers, especially for its perpetuation in power and the continuation of its infinite privileges. As the saying goes, it dug in fact its own grave. Is it aware of all that? Probably, but alas for it it's too late. The rot is definitely sit in.

In any case, I won't be surprised that in upcoming months and years the regime will be in a pretty pickle because of its destructive actions. As an Amazigh and proud of it, I really don't give a damn! If this amazigh-phobic regime ever collapsed, I have only two words to utter, not more: good riddance! 

Auteur: Lahsen Oulhadj
Date : 2009-05-11 21:35:00

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