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‘’Assarag n Imezyanen‘’ the most successful television shows broadcast by the Moroccan channel 8

By Khalid Hajjioui,
Date : 2010-07-21 14:51:00


              ‘’ Assarag n Imezyanen ‘’ is the title of one of the most successful and thrilling television shows broadcast by the Moroccan ‘’channel 8 ‘’ or “Tamazight”. Hosted by the promising and zealous youngsters from Alhoceima city, namely Yassin Errahmouni and Asmahane Elyamani, the show constitutes a real opportunity for kids to explore and benefit from its fruitful episodes.  

                 Since the show targets children and teenagers, its main goal is purely educational. Thus it is divided into five rich episodes; ranging from Laboratoire (laboratory), Cyber, Mawahib (talents) and Reportage (report) episodes, to a final entertaining part named Games.

             During the Laboratoire episode, the little participants and the viewers are given the floor to explore a wide variety of basic scientific experiments, thus came the title Laboratoire.  In the Cyber episode, the focus is put upon how to use computers and the internet in an efficient manner. Later on in the show, the viewers are exposed to new emerging talented children in various fields, such as: literature, fine arts, music, sports…etc. After that, comes the Reportage episode which is devoted to general culture. The show ends up with an entertaining episode giving the chance to the participating kids to explore and learn through games.

            Worth noting that people who are interested in this show can incorporate Tamazight Channel into their satellite receiver following these frequencies:
Nilesat: Position 7° West 
Frequency : 11765 Mhz
Symbol Rate : 27500
FEC : 5/6
Polarisation : horizontal

Hotbird : Position 13° East
Frequency : 10872 Mhz
Symbol Rate : 27500
3/4 FEC :
Polarisation : vertical

                                                                                              Written by : Khalid Hajjioui


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J\'ai pas aimer l\'article. Parceque sa cache c pas du tous se qui est ecrit.merci de s\'assurer des information avant les defuser  
Par: ismahane

tira n Tmazight  

not <>

You cannot even write one Berber word right!
Par: Amazigh

Asarag et pas aSSarag  
Pourquoi le double SS dans [assarag]??

Pourquoi adopter l orthographe du français???

La forme correcte est [asarag] et non pas [assarag]

Éviter cette mauvaise habitude d écrire les mots berbères selon l orthographe du français!
Par: Masin Amazigh

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