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By Helene Hagan,
Date : 2010-09-11 17:05:00

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is with pleasure that we would like to announce that the Los Angeles Amazigh film Festival has been invited by the French Chamber of Commerce to participate in the LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2010 . The production that was finally selected for this participation is a 17 minute montage of photography by a young Kabyle, Belaid Maouche on Kabylia, set on a recording of A Vava i Nouva by Malika Domrane (album Mouvement Kabyle), combined with a video montage of Tamazgha, Berber land of Morocco set on music recorded live in the south of Morocco filmed and
edited by Helene Hagan. This montage, titled 'AZUL IMAZIGHEN" was
created and produced in 2010 by Helene Hagan and Amazigh Vidieo Productions specifically for the International Film Festival of Los Angeles, to be shown on September 23, at 6:30 pm, at the Egyptian Theatre
on Hollywood Boulevard, Spiegel Auditorium. See attached flyer, front and
back for entire program..

You are most cordially invited to join us to celebrate this international event and to support the presence of Amazigh film, music and video production from Algeria and Morocco at this event, and to start the Amazigh Film Festival of Los Angeles in such a splendid international film
event. We thank its organizers, the Francophone Chamber of Los Angeles
and the French Consulate of L.A. for providing this opportunity of Amazigh expression. We need your support and your presence at this event, and of course, at the principal event as well, which will be held on Saturday, September 30th at the Barnsdall Theatre, 5-11 pm., a very special celebration of Tuareg culture (L.A.A.F.F. flyer attached.) We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Most cordially,

Helene E. Hagan
Tazzla Institute for Cultual Diversity
Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival

Helene Hagan

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Wow! That\'s a really neat aswner!  
Wow! That\'s a really neat aswner!  
Par: Puss

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Tinariwen 2010 Summer Tour
Everyone's favorite group of Tuareg rebel rockers is back. Tinariwen will be kicking off their 2010 Summer Tour at Bonnaroo on June 13th and will be finishing it up with a free show at Central Park's SummerStage on June 26th. Formed in rebel training camps in Libya, these exiled nomads turned rock stars have become the soundtrack for the Tuareg culture and people. Their latest album, Imidiwan: Companions (World Village), was recorded in the middle of the Saharan Desert and captures the power and grit of their beloved homeland. Full tour schedule and press release below. online press kit -- ... Full story - Date : 2010-06-04 13:05:00


First Amazigh festival in Australia
The flyers are ready today for the fist Amazigh Festival in Sydney on 16/05/09.
All communities are welcome and tickets are limited. Feel free to forward the flyers to your friends as well.
The festival is organised by Amazigh Association of Australia.
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Morocco: The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator
The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator who will also serve as on-site Training Coordinator for a 9 week ‘Pre-service training' (PST) conducted twice a year. Under the supervision of the Country Director, the Language and Cross Culture Coordinator will provide for the overall planning, implementation, management and evaluation of language and cross cultural skills training and acquisition by Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers . ... Full story - - Auteur: The United States Peace Corps - Date : 2008-12-24 20:55:00


Amazigh delegation to the OSCE conference in Amman on the 26,27 October
The amazigh delegation to the conference of the OSCE in Amman in Jordan the 26,27 and October 28 will be presented by:

- Mr. BOUBKER OUTAADIT (member of the national committee of the network amazigh for the citizenship - AZETTA)

- Mr. MOHAMED MOUHA (president of collective memory for the friendship israelo-amazigh)

- MRS. AMINA AKROUHE (member of collective memory for the friendship israelo-amazigh)

for more informations please contact m. OUTAADIT:

or directly in the regency palace hotel in amman.

La délégation amazighe à la conférence de l'OSCE à amman en Jordanie le 26, 27 et 28 octobre sera composée de :

- M. BOUBKER OUTAADIT (membre du comité national du réseau amazigh pour la citoyenneté – AZETTA)
- M. MOHAMED MOUHA (président de mémoire collective pour l'amitié israelo-amazigh)
- MME AMINA AKROUHE (membre de mémoire collective pour l'amitié israelo-amazigh)
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