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The Libyan foreign security agency accused Mossad and Morocco of attempting to break Algeria, Libya and Tunisia

By Ennahar,
Date : 2011-01-12 10:37:00


This article is published by Algeria newspaper Ennahar on 12 January 2011 that the Libyan official accused Morocco and Israel of attempting to break Algeria, Tunisia and Libya by Amazigh Mouvement.

For the first time, and officially, the Libyan External Security Agency has accused the Israeli Mossad of being behind what she described as "attempts to break the territorial unity of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

According to the agency, the Amazigh movement activists, backed by foreign intelligence services (Mossad) are leading a plan to break the Maghreb after succeeding in Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen.

In a communiqué of the Libyan agency, published yesterday, of which Ennahar obtained a copy, four people were arrested three days ago, two Libyan national and two Moroccans entered into Libyan territory under supposedly academic, historical, archaeological, cultural research, a cover for their activities.

The two Moroccan nationals were released, the agency said, "in respect for the Moroccan official figures.
The arrest occurred after a surveillance operation, to which four people arrested, Amazigh movement activists, had been submitted.
The Libyan External Security agency directly involves an official Moroccan institution, of being behind the four spies, the twin Libyan brothers Mazigh and Maghris Bouzahar, while the names of the two Moroccans were not cited, nor for whom they work (the Moroccan Royal Institute). These re Asemhar Mahfoud and Ramou Hacen, two researchers from the centre of studies on the history and environment of the Royal Institute of Amazigh culture.
According to data of Ennahar, the two Moroccans spies are part of a destructive project conducted by the Mossad.

Ennahar / Ismail Fella



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im libyan and i need work in marooco
Par: anas

Hey, that post leaves me feeling foiolsh. Kudos to you!  
Hey, that post leaves me feeling foiolsh. Kudos to you!  
Par: Satchel

not sure about the prices rises. ok the top barerl is at USD 90+ with tar sands but there is a long way for other types of oil to get there, plus it\'s  
not sure about the prices rises. ok the top barerl is at USD 90+ with tar sands but there is a long way for other types of oil to get there, plus it\'s mostly Saudi needs for higher budgets (100+) that\'s driving the price those days through production cuts. mid-term wise I say that in next 2 years output will continue to rise at snail\'s pace, perhaps a good year in 2013. after Manifa in 2014, due to lack of mega projects to compensate for base declines, everything really rests on the underlying capacity to maintain plateau and how shale oil will deliver. ok the volumes are material but can it last?as for predicting accurately peak oil, the debate is irrelevant. since field engineers operational reserves computations are within 20% accuracy on average. this means that even if all the countries in the world gathered together to exchange notes and compile a field by field tally based on actual detailed geological modelling the range of uncertainty would still be about 10-20 years.this is no argument for the sceptics btw, even assuming the famous \"2030\" deadline, that\'s a mere 17 years away. mega projects do take 10 years to be engineering and executed. so we\'re pretty much talking about taking right now dramatic changes to our energy system, when growth from China and India will outstrecth any solution we have and under constraint of global warming.that\'s one huge order I say.  
Par: Laura

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