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By Helene E. Hagan,
Date : 2022-08-15 23:21:00

It is with profound regret that we announce the conclusion of Tazzla Institute’s special project, The Amazigh Film Festival USA, after fifteen years of annual presentations of Berber documentaries and films in Los Angeles, New York and Boston. The mission of
the festival was to showcase the North African Amazigh culture in America.

Over the years, the festival has received the financial support of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Los Angeles, of A.C.A.A. (Amazigh Cultural Association in America), A.C.N.A. (Amazigh Cultural Network in America), the B.M.C.E. Foundation of Morocco
through Dounia BenJelloun and her mother Dr. Leila Mezian-BenJelloun, the Hagan Law Firm and a few individuals. We are deeply grateful to these organizations and persons for their donations. We also have had the help of outstanding volunteers
along the years: Rachid Bouksim has served as Artistic Director for several years. In Los Angeles and across the US, the festival had a few assistants, Shirley Chesney, Vice President of the Institute in New York, Zouhir Az (Rif) in Boston, Hakim Zakane
(Kabyle), Annabelle Azur, husband Jason and Cousin Sarah of Middle Atlas, Sofia Bendaramane (Rif), M.A.Y.A., Moroccan Amazigh Youth Association of Los Angeles, and Mindy Kanaskie (Hollywood Producer, Burbank). Among others, we also received help and encouragement from the French Chamber of Commerce and LA Accueil, the Cinematheque organization of the Egyptian Theater of Hollywood, International Women in Film, the Electric Lodge personnel of Venice, and the Barnsdall Theater staff. Our caterer throughout the years was Le Chameau Restaurant of Los Angeles.

Among the artists who gave the festival their talent and energy, we enjoyed the Los Angeles performances of Fellah Ouddane, Aza musicians of Santa Cruz, Hasso Akotey of Niger and other local Amazigh musicians. The artwork of Hassan Moumene (High
Atlas) and Abdallah Aourik (Souss) and the participation of Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Tuareg amazigh cinematographers (Dounia Benjelloun, Hacene Zenia, Mohammed Abazzi, Ahmed Baidou, Kamal Hachkar, and many others) contributed to
making this festival an extraordinary pioneer annual event in the United States.

We salute all those who helped the festival from 2007 to 2021. Our web site at with its photo gallery will remain on the internet until 2023.

Helene E. Hagan, President July 20, 2022

45300 Portola Avenue, Suite 4296, Palm Desert, Ca. 92261


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