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"A mother's words"

By Hamza Chafii,
Date : 2010-11-21 20:06:00

I heard a child speaking words louder
Taught to him by a tender,wise mother
Each time he started to mutter
The mother tried to make it better


She said,"Make your words clearly heard,
And by their light,move and fly like a bird,
Or else,they will be sour as curd
And mocked, even by every nerd"


THe child has now grown into a man
Of his tongue,he is a real fan
Louder! He speaks Tamazight all he can
He never lets it down the pan
Grateful to his mother,he performed the cancan



                Hamza Chafii,ifran Anti -Atlas,Guelmim

By Hamza Chafii,Afanour,Tinghir 


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Thank you so much  
thank you so much for publishing my poems.but please i really need to correct a mistake in my poem as i have used two articles in the final verse\" Grateful to his mother,he performed a the cancan
\" out of lack of concentration while typewriting it.the correct form can be either: \" Grateful to his mother,he performed the cancan\" or \"Grateful to his mother,he performed a cancan\".my regards...hamza chafii,
Tinghir South-East of Morocco
Par: hamza chafii

voila les proverb  
je suis tres fier de toi  
Par: benzema

thank you Benzema  
thank you so much Mr. Benzema for your encouragement. Hamza Chafii  

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No longer asleep
In our blood,Timouzgha will  run deep

Pay heed !we are no longer asleep

Imazeghan !a genuine not a phony peep

It is a promise we will always keep

Steady,awake and never asleep
... Full story - - Auteur: hamza chafii - Date : 2010-12-06 23:17:00


"The power of Tamazight"
 On and on shinig like a moon

  With its light blinding every goon

  Morning,night and noon

  Higher and brightly colored like a baloon

  Authentic,genuin!it is not a cartoon
... Full story - - Auteur: Hamza chafii - Date : 2010-11-21 19:58:00