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Gadafi’s speech on 1 March 2007 at 12:54 AM.

Text excerpts from Gadafi’s speech on 2 March 2007...

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There are countries were rich and became poor; civilizations were existed .... and finished; who built (Jerma) in the valley of (Al-haya)... Jerma was a civilization; its people battled the Romans at the coast and penetrated inside Africa ... Where is the civilization of Jerma? Where are the (Jerma) people? And where are its inhabitants? ..... It’s finished; what is the cause? ... The water was finished at that time; the rain drought came along with it so Jerma was finished and remained ruins ....,

Where is the “Eram Dat Al-Imad” a civilization in which no other civilization was created like it?

Where is the Talmud civilization which wandered the rocks in the valley that built the M”areb water wall?

Here is Yemen, the poorest country nowadays, where it was a great civilization that God mentioned it in the Koran; this Yemen was full of gardens .., the water is finished and the river wall was demolished; we exited from Yemen until we arrived here by (land _ land) (bar _ bar) so they called us Berbers.

We the Berbers we the Arabs who came (land _ land) because the Phoenicians, who are Arabs like us, came from the East through the ships from the east..... They came to Phoenicia and from Phoenicia they started from the coast (coast _ coast) ... and we came (land - land).

So we are the group of (land _ land) (bar -bar); the colonialism came and said to us: you Berbers are different people and not Arabs .... They wanted to blunder us in our history, our origin, and our civilization.

The last thing they came up with, and said is: Amazigh

The Amazigh tribes went extinct long time ago since the kingdom days of Numedia ... Tribes that we do not know at all ... Possibly they were Semites or Eastern but they went extinct and finished.

Where are the Meshwash, Libo, Ribo, Samo, and Tehno tribes? We cannot even pronounce their names.

The scientists of archeology and astronomy say that these tribes extinct when rain drought lasted for a hundred years ... Rain never fall on North Africa so all these people went extinct including the Amazigh tribes and the other tribes which I mentioned in which they were all in North Africa, all these went extinct...

The Arabs came “land _ land” and the Phoenician Arabs came “coast _ coast” and came the Arabs after Islam.

This Libya is for Libyans, we do not accept in it “Shoa’ubia” (which may imply to multi-society or cultural pluralism) nor will someone say: I am from here or there ... my origin is from this or that ... Whoever says so, he is an agent for the colonialism ... and this is a "divide-to-rule”.

The Israelis desire is to “balkanize” the Arabic and Islamic countries and Africa.... The European colonialism wants to divide North of Africa and tear it apart so that one follows Barcelona and one follows the new neighborhood one follows the new partnership and one follows NEPAD and one follows NATO and one 5+5 and one Middle East ..etc.; these all, are colonial nominations... colonial conspiracies, interfering in the internal affairs of this part of the earth which is North of Africa and all of Africa.

Any one ejecting the colonialism poisons, will be crushed ... him and his ideas End of excerpts

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Date Les déclarations du colonnel Mamaer Qadhafi
01 Mars 2007

« Les tribus Amazighes ont disparu depuis bien long temps, depuis l’époque du Royaume de Numidie …. Des tribus qu’on ne connaît pas du tout …. Il est possible qu’elles soient Sémitiques ou orientalistes venues ici mais elles sont complètement disparues aujourd’hui et se sont fines. Ou sont les tribus Machaoueches, Ribou, Libou , Samou, Ta²hnou?  On ne peu même pas bien prononcer leurs noms » Discours de Mamer Qadhafi le 01 Mars 2007 à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de son coup d'état militaire

01 Mars 2002 « Nous, nous voulons apprendre l’arabe et Tamazight …, pour empecher le colonialisme d’avoir des ennemis africains , il (le colonialisme) utilise tout. Vient ici, toi qui utilise Tamazight a des fins commerciales, on te donne plus d’argent et tu nous apprend Tamazight. Nous voulons tous apprendre l’arabe et Tamazight. Parce que Tamazight est un dialecte arabe ancien ». Discours de Mamer Qadhafi le 01 Mars 2002 à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de son coup d'état militaire
Octobre 1997

« C’est quoi les Amazighs, se sont les descendants des arabes, nous nous n’avons pas de minorité pour qu’on puisse en parler et leur donner des droits linguistiques et culturels, ce sont des arabes …. C’est un retour aux temps lointains …. Parce que la langue Amazigh n’a aucune valeur … Les Amazighs qui demande ceci sont les pions du colonialisme, ces gens là reçoivent des salaires des services secrets étrangers »    Discours de Mamer Qadhafi.        

Août 1997

« C’est un complot coloniale , défendre la langue Amazigh est un complot colonial » (Maamer Qadhafi en parlant de Tamazight)            

1996 « Ceci est un complot colonial (en parlant du congres mondial Amazigh), la defense de la langue Amazigh est un pure complot coloniale » (Maamer Qadhafi en parlant de Tamazight)

«Et si toi, tu suit ce plan, donc tu suit  le plan des ennemis, par conséquent on doit te chasser,  ..  même cette langue (le Tamazight) il faut la laisser disparaître  … c’est une langue qui n’a aucun intérêt et nous la refusons …… Si ta mère continu a t’apprendre cette langue alors elle est rétrograde, elle (la mere) te taie le lait du colonialisme  et te donne du poison»  (Maamer Qadhafi en parlant de Tamazight)      


"Au nom de dieu, la langue des grandes mères et les histoires des vieillards, il faut le Berbère disparaisse, c’est une langue ancienne»   Discours de Mamer Qadhafi.        





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