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Rebel Songs of Lounes Matoub

Ighil Nezman (Tizi Hibel), a village in Kabylia (Algeria), about 15 miles from Tizi Ouzou and one mile from assassinated singer-activist Lounes Matoub's village. Ighil Nezman is known as the home of noted author Mouloud Feraun. Matoub is shown above right. (photos from Henni Hached)


The following lyrics, created by the late Matoub Lounes, are sarcastically adressed to the Algerian Regime. It is a parody of the Algerian national anthem, whose purpose was to translate the parody of the Algerian nation by the Algerian Regime itself. The Algerian national anthem fairly reflects the aims cherished by Algerians in exactly the same way as Matoub's version reflects the doom of Algeria under the regime's responsability.

Letter to the Governors

Ulayger nerja asirem an-nsenned f ssber
Amsedrar ur uhekkem gas yegra yezwer
Afus n lbatel ittwalgem lgell-is d ccer
I lasel ssamesn udem yegma yejjunjer
Jeggren-ts s ddin t-taârabt tamurt n Lzzayer
D uguru d uguru d uguru

No use waiting for hope nor shall we abdicate
Never they'll let Kabyles govern, bright & learned may they be
Fondling injustice, their own hands have rotted like evil
They soiled our origins
They dyed the face of Algeria with Islam & Arabic
Along with deceit and lies

D ungif i bubben tabburt akken i wen tedra
Ma tgilem ad delqen i tsarut tesâam nniya
Wi Âredn tacriht n tsekkurt ur iqennaâ' ra
Ddwa-s an-ncerreg tamurt an-nebrez tura
Amar ass-en a yatma ar attnaqel Lzzayer
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguru

You resemble our tale of the birdbrain protecting the door
How naive, you, who hope that someday they'll drop the key
You should know the greedier they are, the more they ask for
The solution lays in lunging to split the country
Only then will Algeria be freed
From deceit and lies

Macci d yiwen i d-izedmen yessenta tuccar
Ay amcum seg-neg yefgen ad yejj tisigar
Di Lzzayer tagmatt tuden tenter ur tettnekker
Ssus i Rebba acciwen ad yesni idurar
Iâatl a d-yejbu liser ara tt-ifersen
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguru

Numerous arrows they stabbed and planted in us
Before they leave us, they make sure others take over
Algeria solidarity is in an incurable agony
The Monster has grown horns so as to vitiate our mountains
We long for the eternally delayed remedy to cleanse it
From deceit and lies

Gas yeqd-ag laz d facal fssber ur nettsennid
Skud mazal tarwa n lehlal ur s-nkennu i lqid

Although dying of hunger and exhaustion, we won't surrender
Nor shall we kneel down as long as heroes are still among us

Akken ibga yezzelz zaylal ur nxellef abrid
ig-gmmaren a tihemmal ur nfident ljjid
S lasel s ssfa n lâqqel i-s an-nezwi lzzayer
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguru

No matter how things worsen for us, we will remain
We experienced and overcame such situations in the past
With our ROOTS & WISDOM, we'll cleanse and free Algeria
From your deceit and lies


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