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The Amazigh League For Human Rights in Morocco denonce

Date : 2006-12-10

The Amazigh League For Human Rights

A non-governmental organization

The final communiqué of the first national council,"BOUJMÂA ELHABBAZ Session"
The first national council of the Amazigh League For Human Rights –BOUJMÂA ELHABBAZ Session –was held at the youth hostel in Bouzakarn (Rabat-Morocco) on Sunday, 19th, 2006. The attendants, having examined the items on the agenda, having discussed the directive line of the league, and having approved the periodic line of action; issued the following communiqué:


  1. We call upon the Sudanese state to stop the systematic policy of starving and exterminating the population of Darfur, and to fall in line with the international demands concerning this issue.
  2. We call upon the International Organization to launch an investigation into the genocide of Beit Hanun, to sanction those being responsible for it, and to put an end to the violence and counter-violence which cost the lives of innocent civilians in both sides in such a way that tolerance, coexistence, and peace reign between them.
  3. We call upon the International Organization to intervene immediately and put an end to bloodshed, destruction, and human rights abuse taking place in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
  4. We condemn the policy of oppression and torture adopted by the Turkish government towards the Kurd people.
  5. We call upon the European states to pass a fair and just immigration law in order to preserve the rights of immigrants as stipulate the international charts of immigration.
  6. We consider the democratization of the United Nations' system as the basic passage to the establishment of the international peace and security.




  1. We condemn the policy of KADDAFI towards his people in general and towards the Amazighs in particular being subjected to deprivation from basic needs and to restriction of general freedoms (Persecuting the Amazigh militants. Banning Oussan musical group from attending Tangiers' Festival).
  2. We denounce the serious violation of human rights in Tunisia especially the violation of the freedom of assembly and the freedom of the press, and we express our sympathy with the detainees subjected to such violations.
  3. We express our complete and unconditioned sympathy with the struggles of the Amazigh people in KABYL region in the face of the oppression of the state of Algeria, which we call upon to grant an unconditioned and unrestricted self-government to the region and which we call upon to reveal the truth about the assassination of the Amazigh militant LOUNES MAÂTOUB.
  4. We express our sympathy with the TWAREGUE people, and we call upon the International Organization to put an end to extermination and ethnic cleansing to which the Amazigh Twaregue are subjected.
  5. We express our support to the international line of action of the International Amazigh Congress.

Nationally (Morocco):

  1. The Amazigh League calls for a national constitution to be democratic in its form and in its content, to separate powers, and to recognize Tamazight as an official language of Morocco.
  2. As far as the sector of education is concerned, the League expresses its deep concern and worry about the persisting obstacles, which hamper the teaching of Tamazight. The League considers the Moroccan state responsible for this status quo and, therefore, calls a real and actual integration of Tamazight in the educational system far from any political maneuvers.
  3. The League denounces the recent declaration of the minister of communication retreating from the setting up of an Amazigh television station under the excuse of low financial capabilities. For this reason, the League calls for reserving 50 ‰ of the programs of the public channels to Tamazight, and for an urgent creation of a private Amazing channel. The League expresses its sympathy with the Amazigh employees in the Moroccan Radio and Television Station, who are unjustly deprived of continuous training and compensations. The League also denounces any segregationist attitude approaching Tamazight as mere folklore in television programs (Khali Âmara serial is a case in point ).
  4. The League calls for an independent and unbiased body to supervise the forthcoming elections, for the autonomy of the judicature, for the revocation of the second parliament chamber, for the revision of the electoral register and constituencies, and for the prosecution of any individual involved in spoiling the electoral operation.
  5. The League, having expressed its sympathy with the Moroccan Amazigh Democratic Party and with all its branches, banned from deposition receipts; calls upon the authorities to hand over these receipts to the party and its branches over the country and to fall in line with the freedom of association and organization and with the right of the establishment of parties. The League expresses its sympathy with the secretary general of the party, Ahmad Dgharni, who has been targeted by a coward assassination attempt; and with all the Amazigh activists in the Moroccan Amazigh Democratic Party and in the Amazigh League For Human Rights targeted in various ways.
  6. The calls for the invalidation of the records of the judical police as unique evidences to reinforce accusations, and for making Tamazight a language of prosecution and pleading in different tribunals and a language of study in judicial institutes. In this framework, the League calls upon the ministry of justice to assume its responsibility.
  7. The league, having expressed its sympathy with the Amazigh families banned from giving their newborn children Amazigh names, renews its call for lifting the ban on the right of Amazigh names.
  8. The League calls for revealing the truth about the kidnapping and disappearance of the Amazigh militant and intellectual, BOUJMÂA ELHABBAZ ; for revealing the truth about the assassination of Âbbas ElMOOUSAÂDI, and for revealing the truth about the accompanying circumstances of the ousting and death of the governor of Tafilalt, ÂDDI  OUBIHI , and the kidnapped whose fate is unknown.
  9. The League records the tardiness in the implementation of the Family Code.
  10. The League records the persistence of real estate mafias in collusion with different state bodies particularly Water and Forests services, Real Estate Preservation services, and the Registration Administration services in seizing the lands of the indigenous population (as is the case in the areas of Wezguan, Timoulay, Taguant, Bouzakarn, Agadir…)and their natural resources ( Imouzzarkendar area…)
  11. The League considers the recognition of the Amazigh dimension of the Western Sahara issue as the key to preserving the territorial unity of the country and the key to eradicating the separation thesis.
  12. The League calls upon the Moroccan state to give the Amazigh immigrants all their political rights and to make the High Council For Immigrants a real guarantee of  preserving their rights on the basis of transparency , impartiality , and real representation in the structure of the council.
  13. The League calls upon the Moroccan state to launch an impartial investigation into the abuses to which the population of Ait Baâmran tribes and the population of Ait Ourir have been subjected and into the corruption accompanying the reconstruction of what has been destroyed by the earthquake of Alhuseima city.
  14. The League calls for the collective damage remedy for the Rif population, victims of 1958-59 events and for the reconstruction of the damaged areas.
  15. The League condemns the unwarranted advantage of using Amazigh artists in advertisements without their consent by some public and private establishments (the case of the comedian, Agzoum , with the Urban Council of Agadir ).
  16. The League declares its support for the demands of the National Body For the Protection of the Public Fund and calls for granting this body the right of legal existence.
  17. The League records the persistence of the public sector in poor conditions. Afact resulting in workers being deprived of their rights and their families being homeless (the case of the previously named Attilal Addahabia hotel in Agadir ).



By the Amazigh League For Human Rights.
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