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The world danger : Arabo-islamism and other religions

Date : 2001-02-01

By Abdallah  Aourik     February 2001

At the beginning of the last century, the 20th, many thinkers predicted the 21st century would be the era of religions, the years of turmoil between different monotheist doctrines from which will upraise the questionable future or extinguish of dogmatic power.

Nostradamus, the medieval alchemist and visionary raised the same question earlier on the future of religion in the world; he predicted that at the end of 20th century, the judeo-christian civilisation will cease to exercise full power over the world.

Indeed, at this beginning of 21st century, both predictions are revealed truly with realism through various ways of proof, from the globalisation, geo-politicisation, geo-economisation, multi-nationalisation to new world order and world new power.

Emancipation of mankind has made a tremendously advanced progress, an advancement that is mainly due to the liberalism and to the communism conceptions during the past 20th century, even, if today, capitalism and socialism are no longer adequate systems as used to be during the cold war.

The exact science and the freedom of opinion are certainly reliable means of evolution of mankind through time and space, because of the permanent changes and explorations in quest of precise exactitude with fitness and dynamism in order to overcome the reality of a dream to live longer anywhere in the universe and somehow, possibly, for ever contrary to religious science that believes mainly in life, in paradise, after death.

If there shall exist a paradise or a hell, it can be only on earth; otherwise it is all in the brain regardless of God as an infinite for some and existent for others.

However, to explain the progress of science and technology to anyone of fanatical minds of the conservative religious world is just like striking one's head against stonewall.

The world of today is full of sorrow and sadness and look like to be on the edge to crackdown, because of ethnic epuration and religious conflicts inside of each of the four main religions; an endless fights aiming supremacy by the divine ways to hold power like in Ireland and elsewhere on the name of unknown, while trespassing the biblical quotations that forbids the killing between the faithful ones.

Regarding history of monotheism and its ethicists, the Judaism, the Christianise and the Islam, the repetitive mistakes in wrong doing against the creatures of mother earth woke up the consciousness on for how long this madness of the fools of God or of Allah will keep on indefinitely to hurt innocents?

Apotheoses of those dogmatists vindicated by these common points, hate and discrimination, against anyone who does not belong one of those orders or believe in the mighty.

Surely, Islam is the synthesis of all religions, including Buddhism, and is subjected, with identical symptoms, to face the same dilemmas as the Christianised Europe, in 15th century, during the hundred years of war, then, after that long battle to separate the state power from the church's and finally subdued its future under “laicisme”and freedom of thought from clerical totalitarianism as it exists actually in many Muslim countries where fundamentalists are systematically and arbitrary slain anyone whose thoughts differs from Islam doctrine.   

The butchery on the name of Allah that took place everyday on those Islam dominated lands is not different from what had happened in Europe when Christian church slaughter babies, unmarried women, intellectuals as well artists like German Mathias Grunvald because of his perceptive realism with which he depicted the personality of Christ as a simple human being like any other; later, the Italian astronomer Galilee was persecuted by the ignorance of the church because he said that the world is around and not flat, both men were burned by the church.

Alike deadfall actions took place as well in the Jewish believe inside Israel as well in other parts of the world by considering artists and writers of free mind as blasphemers, especially the Dutch philosopher Spinoza who was expelled from his community and the famous Rembrandt who had to face rude critics from the synagogue.

Even in the new world of America the religious ethic persecuted several scientists and writers of 18th and 19th century by accusing the searchers like Darwin of revealing new reality of existence other than the one of the Bible, because of his theory of evolution of species he found himself in public trial.

Dispirited Islamists repeat the similar cruelties, slain and persecutions against free thinkers, intellectuals, artists, journalists, writers, musicians, scientists, doctors and even the new born babies and their mothers throughout the dominated areas by ignorance of worshipers of a holy book, the Coran that is itself in jeopardise by the doubtful fragments and texts that supposed to be re-written by a second hand at the time of the Prophet by who ever intended to take the lead of the succession

According to specialists on archaeology and on coranic calligraphy, the words of the Prophet Mohammed, in the fourth copy of this Book recently discovered in Yemen are different from the words that are added on top of the originals! (It is supposed to have existed 7 originals copies, only four are recovered so far).

Islam before all and Islam after all, this strongly convincing statement by Islamists hard liners is what's frightening the future of the present world of free opinion.

There is more than something to be scared of, obviously, from what the world is witnessing through televisions reports and newspapers on what's going on right now in Afghanistan and in Indonesia by damaging other religion's temples and by distracting mankind historical and cultural heritage, the vestiges that are dated way back from the dawn of early men on earth; a hooligan acts that remind of the burning of the world first library of Alexandria (Egypt) by the earlier Muslim pioneers, the consequence that put the man in a state of retardant from his time, following of the distractions of hundreds of thousands of art and scientific archives containing thousands of years of research on all fields, (imagine if Talibans or alike hold power in the Nil valley, what would become of existing pyramids and  all masterpieces of works of  early Egyptian arts!?).

Recently, Afghan talibans have systematically destroyed libraries rich of 40 thousands ancient books and the remaining giant statutes of Buddha which are dated from 7th century AD (following the early peregrination of Buddhism to the West), (suppose if the Christian Spanish fundamentalists would irradiate Andalousian arabo-moorish remaining monuments).

Salman Rushdi, this distinguished 20th century remarkable man, is certainly one of the examples that are persecuted to death by the Muslim totalitarians because of his free mind on what has not been told or neglected in Islam theology.

Often foreign visitors in a Muslim country have hard time to express their opinions about the existence of all things rather than the coranic version and particularly about the wrong side of Islam; because of the sacred texts of holy books in general; the dialog ends apocalyptic,

It is a fact that all religions have no autocriticism, and what is written in their respective holy books is the only absolute truth, therefore the opinion of others is a hazardous state of nowhere, if not satanic, paradoxically, the faithful religious minds are using the tools of progress deriving from atheism at the same time are hidden behind their religious sanctuaries, an obvious contradiction if not hypocritical state of materialistic ideal within abstruse spirituality.

However, the holy book of any monotheist religion has always being a refuge of ignorance and weak minds and further more of what Carl Marx said about the religion as the opium of the people, and surely the politics is the cocaine of the people.

At the present quarrels, the world three monotheists are disputing the same God, which one is right and which one is wrong, ore none of them? Anyway, two of the three are of too much on the name of the same One, from standing point of view, positively, by the end of this new century all religions will cease to have an impact on human mind.

At this age of space discoveries and scientific research and accomplished performances of perceptions on natural secrecy's from which mankind is able to describe, with logical understanding, a full mechanism of life and death, the dispirited fanatics have no alternatives than to use the terror on the name of Allah or of God over the opinion of others.

Some fifty years ago, it was hard to image that someday a Muslim mosques will stand next to Vigeland park in Oslo or next to White House in Washington DC!?…Definitely, after in few years time, once the Muslim community becomes bigger, the beautiful sculpted chartreuse of the great Norwegian master of sculpture Vigeland will be systematically destroyed by the Muslim fundamentalists.

Because of democracy and freedom of worship in the free world, anyone has right to make stand his ideal anywhere and has the right to express his free opinion, but is democracy has the right to sponsor, with tax payer's money, any religious movements or association, creatively and economically, less productive to a nation? Billions of dollars are yearly spent, world wide, on those groups that soon or later will become against the donating system.

On the eve of the creation of the constitution of United Nations of Europe, two mains questions will upraise, what would be the European official religion? Or, the same like the constitution of USA or a Europe without any religion! The second questioning trends on what would be the official language of United Europe as one Nation?

Hence, the future of the coming world generations to live in peace, justice equality, freedom of thought and of opinion, depends, partly, on transparency of coming new European constitution. 

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