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Amazigh Politics in the Wake of the Arab Spring

Par Bruce Maddy-Weitzman,
Date : 2023-01-30

On television, the Arab Spring took place in Cairo, Tunis, and the city-states of the Persian Gulf. Yet the drama of 2010, and the decade of subsequent activism, extended beyond the cities—indeed, beyond Arabs. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman brings to light the sustained post–Arab Spring political movement of North Africa’s Amazigh people.

The Amazigh movement did not begin with the Arab Spring, but it has changed significantly since then. Amazigh Politics in the Wake of the Arab Spring details the increasingly material goals of Amazigh activism, as protest has shifted from the arena of ethnocultural recognition to that of legal and socioeconomic equality. Amazigh communities responded to the struggles for freedom around them by pressing territorial and constitutional claims while rejecting official discrimination and neglect. Arab activists, steeped in postcolonial nationalism and protective of their hegemonic position, largely refused their support, yet flailing regimes were forced to respond to sharpening Amazigh demands or else jeopardize their threadbare legitimacy. Today the Amazigh question looms larger than ever, as North African governments find they can no longer ignore the movement’s interests.

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Commentaire N° : 1
Par: id.Bawziki Le : 2023-02-03
Titre: Thank you for the text and remarks.
Pays: France  

Welcome in the "Amazigh site"

You have a good knowlegment about berbers, because you use the word "Amazigh" instead Berber.

The " wake " is not yet reelly present inside Amazigh society. Only one small part inside the big berber country seems awaked , it is "Kabylia".

Arabo-islamic idéologie after 14 centuries of constraints and domination has almost change the brains and identity of berbers . Worst thing, they know today with historic researches and literature that there was a big berber civilisation in the past, but they still hooked to the occupation mentalities ant arabo-islamique behaviours, their brains are completly destroyed wih "Allah and Rebbi". Many of them reject their own identity, they still keep arabo-islamic names for their children.

Only Kabylia is waked, so arabic gouvenment ostrasize them. As American say , we can also say: "God save Kabylia".

Thanks for interest.


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Auteur: id Bawziki - Date : 2022-03-03


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