Can Moroccan & Algerian Amazighs Understand Each Other?


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Regardless of some differences in the Berber dialects in the country of Tamazgha, this difference also exists between the Arabic dialects. North African humans carry the same genetic heritage and have been inhabiting the same geographical area for thousands of years, with the same culture and a common history. Like all colonizers, the Arab invaders resort to the tactics of division and rule. There is no legitimacy for the existence of the dominant Arab identity in the Amazigh countries, and even more than that, the Arabs bear the responsibility for the heavy Nazi crime for what they did to the Amazigh and they are still doing. The Union of Amazigh Youth in North Africa and Diaspora may restore sovereignty, freedom and dignity to these enslaved indigenous peoples who are bound by the backward ritual culture of the Arabs and their feudal dictatorship.  
Par: Souss. M. D.

j'ai bien aimer cette video ,vive les jeunes et vive tamazgha unis  
Par: Dda moh

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  Can Moroccan & Algerian Amazighs Understand Each Other?
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