Why do some Moroccans claim to be Arab?


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We are the indigenous Amazigh people of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Libya and others country) suffer from racism and identity theft, which is embodied in the repressive Arabization practiced by the ruling Arab dictatorial regimes. Amazigh is the historical identity of North Africa, but the Arab dictatorial regimes are working to make it outside the framework of everything that is happening in this region by coercive Arabization. The abuse of power and the employment of islamique religion. What creates a soil unsuitable for democracy and coexistence between peoples to confront human problems such as the environment and poverty . Media and educational incitement to consider Arabism and Islam as the and sublime identity imposed by law, creates an identity crisis that fuels ethnic and religious extremism and produces, as the world is experiencing, thousands of terrorists who strike inside and outside the borders, not to mention the death of thousands of immigrants fleeing poverty and injustice. We call upon the countries that love freedom, peace and justice from Canada to Israel to America to Germany to Australia and the Netherlands. Effective assistance in breaking the siege imposed by the Arab regimes on the Amazigh peoples of North Africa has reached the point of banning Amazigh personal names and banning the Amazigh language in administration and courts. Associations and jurists interested in the Amazigh issue have what they present as evidence to consider the actions of Arab nationalists in North Africa amounting to war crimes against humanity.

Par: سوس. م. د

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